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America’s Thanks Go To Afghan Joey

Because of the historic goof-up committed by America’s aged and mentally-ailing leader, NATO no longer trusts America to conduct successful military operations, and has removed America from their list of nations to call for assistance in case they are attacked by a rogue power. Joey and his Build Back Better Bulls**t logo has turned America into a nation that shows its back when the going gets tough and runs away from responsibilities.

China is laughing at America and is getting sophisticated military hardware from the weapons and planes left behind in Afghanistan as Joey cut and ran last week. I guess our idiot president’s actions were just a pay-back to China for all of the money that nation has given to Joey and Hunter these many years.

And Russia is laughing at America for the incompetence of our Afghan failure. I guess they, too, can be thankful for all of the money they’ve given the Biden family over the years and can count these gifts to the Bidens as a good investment, which Joey is only now repaying.

America is seeing our constitution destroyed by Joey demanding the masking of our nation and mandating vaccinations for our citizens who neither need nor want them, and for investigating Trump for his alleged collusion with the Commies. Our once great nation is also suffering from the unconstitutional frame-up that Trump and his supporters have received following the January 6th chaos at the Capitol building, where the FBI and ANTIFA generated an attack, the blame for which was conveniently redirected at patriotic conservatives and Republican citizens, while Hunter’s illegal gun purchase, his drug use and his at the very least improper influence in peddling his father’s V.P. position in Russia, Ukraine, China and beyond have gone unnoticed by our press and big tech, and the Biden family likely will never get the punishment they deserve.

Joey must leave the White House immediately and retire to Delaware so we can try to salvage some national reputation and get America moving again.

Thanks, Joey, and goodbye.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. For 50 years Joe has been pulling lies, obfuscations, disinformation and malarkey out of his brain at a moment’s notice even if the truth were easier. Now, he reaches into his bucket of scrambled synapses and comes out with a handful of goo.

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