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President Joe Biden’s Schedule for Wednesday, May 12, 2021


President Joe Biden will receive his daily briefing Wednesday morning then he will meet with Congressional leaders to push the Democrats’ massive tax and spend plans and deliver another speech on COVID.

President Biden’s Itinerary for 5/12/21:

All Times EDT

  • 9:30 AM Receive daily briefing – Oval Office
  • 11:00 AM Meet with Congressional leaders to push the Democrats’ policy agenda – Oval Office
  • 3:30 PM Deliver (another) speech on COVID [Live Stream] – South Court Auditorium

White House Briefing Schedule

  • 12:00 PM White House Press Briefing [Live Stream] – James S. Brady Briefing Room

Keep an Eye on the President at Our President’s Schedule Page.

We are providing former President Donald Trump’s schedule to compare and contrast the leadership and work style of the two presidents. The schedules are from the same “day” in the administration, not the same “date”.

Former President Donald Trump’s Schedule This Day in 2017


The president will meet the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister and then a former Secretary of State.

President Trump’s schedule for Wednesday, 5/10/17

The schedule is comprised of information available from the public schedule released by the White House and several sources of publicly available information. No sensitive information is used to create this itinerary.

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  1. “Joe Biden is President”
    is the BIGGEST lie.

    #JoeCheated #illegitimateJoe

    The only way out of this madness:
    #MAGA #TRUMP24

  2. CDN doesn’t cover election cheating. Must be worried about getting sued.

    1. We’ve had some coverage, but most of it is on legal actions that matter. The “Kraken” kids screwed things into the ground last year by ignoring the Antrim case. We’ll see if this one lone lawyer can make a difference now that Powell and Wood have screwed the pooch. The Antrim case is the way to legal victory. The crap the Kraken twins pulled is little more than self-aggrandizing quackery.

  3. Maricopa county deleted entire election database from main frame. This a felony. The Time for talking is over. Prosecution and arrests must follow. This is an all out assault on democracy and citizens of the u.s. Arizona Senate must act.

  4. Thanks for your reply. I agree that the facts have not been presented in a very capable or professional manner. I would also add Rudy Giuliani to that list. Trump chose Giuliani because of loyalty not ability, a fatal mistake in legal matters. Incompetence does not make the truth a lie or quackery though. While we argue over procedures and semantics, the socialists grind us into the dirt. If this happened to the dems they would be pounding it home 24/7. On election night, the vote counting stopped for the first time in our history, then the vote counting started again in the middle of the night. That was because approximately 95% of the returns were in and if that percentage rose any higher, it would be mathmatically impossible for trump to lose the huge lead he had. Let’s say biden Biden was getting 55% of the vote during election night. With the 5% left to count, Joe would have had to have gotten approximately 90% of the remaining votes to overtake trump. New York and California managed to get their votes counted that night but states like Arizona and Georgia, which have vastly smaller populations took over a week. Why?

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