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On This Mother’s Day, We Need More Women to be Like Jochebed

Across the US, there will be a lot of discussion about the celebration of Mother’s Day this weekend. This Mother’s Day is a little different from last, but many Americans are still living under COVID restrictions and orders which may prevent them from gathering. There are many things that we could obviously write about in this regard to celebrate Mother’s Day, but I am not.

I am most certainly thankful for my mother, my wife who is an amazing mother to our son, and for the role of mothers in the lives of their children all across this country. There is something special about a mother that cannot be replaced. It’s a unique relationship as only God can design and implement.

But a large part of our nation is not focused on that unique relationship. Instead, they celebrate women who choose “my body my choice” and choose to go the route of abortion. Worldwide, over 42 million abortions were performed in 2020. They were each celebrated by the radicals across the country as women’s healthcare, rather than the taking of a child’s life.

We argue in public over the deaths attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. Politicians have our nation divided over whether we are safe to be near anyone, safe to work, safe to eat, safe to shop, or just safe to be outside without a ridiculous supply of masks and hand sanitizers. Yet, only 3 million deaths worldwide are attributed to the coronavirus pandemic since it began, far less than the deaths attributed to abortions.

In the US, just over 580,000 deaths have happened amid the pandemic. While each death is mourned as tragic, there was little mourning for the 186 children that were aborted out of every 1,000 births in the US. Or the over 320,000 children aborted in Planned Parenthood clinics alone. The US has aborted over 600,000 children each year for the past several years, as the radical left celebrates a woman’s right to choose. Those numbers do not include illegal abortions or pill-induced abortions that occur.

Our nation is infatuated with killing children, but many are desensitized to it by the mainstream media and the radical left. They are told that this is reproductive health for women. They are told that a woman has the right to choose whether she wants to let a child live or not. In a time when killing children is celebrated, we need more women to take a stand for life, like Jochebed.

Some may not know the name of Jochebed, but she was the mother of Moses in the Bible. When Moses was born, his mother lived in captivity and there was a directive that any of these mothers in captivity who had a male child, that he should be put to death. Rather than choosing death, Jochebed chose life.

Rather than giving in to what everyone around her said should happen, she chose to go against the mainstream idea and to save the life of Moses. The story is an intriguing one that has been told for centuries in the Christian faith. Moses went on to do some amazing things in his life that affected millions of people.

Now, more than ever, we need women that are willing to stand up to the ideas of the radical left and to realize that life has value. That involves educating them on the truth that life begins at conception. It involves sharing with them how they do not have to worry about becoming a mother. It’s one of the most amazing titles that a woman could ever hold.

Organizations across the country are doing just that. National organizations, like, are working to educate about the truth about abortion. There are local and state organizations that are working to help provide information and alternatives to mothers to realize that abortion is not as glamorous as the mainstream media and radical left make it out to be. If we are able, we need to do our part to help these organizations to continue to reach these mothers before it’s too late.

These are not just “fetuses” that are in the way and being disposed of. They are babies that are being killed out of convenience. Parts being sold to organizations, like the NIH, where they can conduct sickening research. Planned Parenthood is an organization that aborts nearly 41 babies for everyone one that it helps live. It is time to stop that trend that continues to increase and defund this sickening organization.

On this Mother’s Day, we need more women to be like Jochebed. We need more women to choose life, rather than death for their babies. We need to stop allowing the glorification of abortion for convenience.

Content syndicated from with permission.

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