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Blatant Criminal Activity By Democrats Against The American People

Leading up to the last general election, Google shut down President Trump’s and the New York Post’s twitter accounts, Apple blocked access to Parler apps, while Amazon shut down all of Parler’s servers. If this activity isn’t both criminally actionable and unconstitutional I’d like to know why not.

What the tech giants did was obviously collusion in an attempt to get the Democrat candidate for president elected in the 2020 election, so they hushed any contrary news and information and denied access to the internet that they control. The new-fangled Parler was a competitor to these companies and allowed expressions that sometimes were negative comments directed at Joe Biden, or messaging that may have been (heaven forbid) positive comments related to Donald Trump, so the big-tech giants blocked any data traffic they didn’t agree with and destroyed Parler in the process.

So now we have a modern-day example of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly, and an obvious restraint of trade thrown into the mix, and the leftist “press“ is just sitting on their hands as though there is no Democracy-threatening activity going on all around them.

If the FBI and Biden’s Attorney General will not take action against these perps, then why are Republican Senators and House members sitting on their hands and letting this opportunity to restore free speech to America pass them by? It seems that a RICO investigation should be initiated by Republicans to get this situation brought into the open where the public can learn what happened and learn how crooked the big tech people are, and how the leftist press colludes with the Democrat party to keep the truth from being learned.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Theses actions are not criminally actionable or unconstitutional because private companies took them. The First Amendment says ” Congress shall make no law …” I agree with you that what Amazon, Goggle, and Twitter did is morally wrong, but it is not illegal. The way to counter commercial against free speech is by striking back at the companies.

  2. I have to agree with Andy’s post.
    To beat the giants you have to cut off the source of money they use. That means stopping your purchases from those big companies and also those that advertise with them. Big box has taken over and is doing everything in its power to destroy small business. Local small business and businesses that actually dont get into the political arena and try to force an agenda are the ones that deserve our patronage. I know its a long shot but if peopple stopped just spending 50.00 a week at these big companies it eventually would cause a slow down of income and the bottom line for them is the dollar line. Cut that line and maybe we can regain some sense of freedoms that they are limiting or eliminating. Just my opinion.

  3. Andy and Robert,

    J.D. Rockefeller thought his monopoly, as a private company, was protection against government powers, too. But the United States government decided against this privacy-protection as being beside the point and broke up Standard Oil, simply because it was a monopoly that could out-compete any other oil company.

    The truth about the current situation in this once free, constitutional nation, is that Democrats will punish any person or company that opposes their policies as a legislature, and with that legislative threat hanging over AT&T and Marriott, among many others, they go along with Democrat policy and prejudice, because leftist governmental bodies will permit no contrary positions to be held. Fear of autocrats is the tool Democrats wield over our nation. And the tech giants get anti-trust protection from Democrats so the techs can remain the only game in town, now that their collusion against Parler has assured their dominance. And Democrats, in control of all branches of government, will do nothing to break up this tech monopoly, nor revise the laws to allow them to even be sued for their denying the right to free speech over their networks.

    On the other hand, in response to Robert’s point about not doing business with companies that bow to Democrat orders, Parler WAS the opposition to the tech giants, and the San Jose big guys took away APP access, server rental and probably the dark fiber Parler was using to reach Amazon’s servers, and killed that company. This is of course collusion, denial of free speech and restraint of trade, which are against the law.

  4. I agree and disagree. What happened with the media and the tech giants amounts to criminal collusion to unduly interfere with a federal election. They should all be brought up on RICO (racketeering) charges and dismantled.

  5. The First Amendment is one of the most abused, and misused of all of the Constitutional Amendments. The First Amendment refers to government blocking Americans from communicating. An example of that is he war on Christians launched by the Dims last year. Big tech aren’t official government entities, so their Nazi-like censorship ig in a grey area. Their only real protection is 230, which should have been dissolved when they started acting like the thought police. The First Amendment is no to be used for criminal actions, or inciting violence. Both, Watters has done multiple times. It is simply foolish to say that Maxine Watters can stand in front of a crowd worked up by anti-Trump hate speech and declare, “…I will go and take Trump out tonight”! That is not protected speech, and it is much worse than anything the President is being impeached childishly for a second time for. When he said quite clearly, “…now you will go patriotically and peacefully the White House”. Dims may be dim, but the rest of us certainly aren’t.

  6. Mr. King, question…being formerly w ATT you may be able to speculate for me just who might be throttling ports on the backbone? Multiple obvious manipulations on multiple ports used widely by vpn’s have been occuring since Feb 1. Nationwide not regional. Care to speculate? Love your articles, will follow.
    Grace and peace.

  7. Karen E,
    You’re referring to a part of AT&T that I know nothing about, with your reference to “throttling ports on the backbone”. Sorry. I’m more of an old dial tone guy.

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