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With Democrats, It’s DD-SL: Different Day, Same Lies

The National Guard troops were ordered to report to Washington for what the Democrats said was a preventive measure to oppose the violence of Trump and his supporters and their plans to disrupt the Biden inauguration, and Nancy Pelosi said that all 50 states’ capitol buildings were going to be invaded and destroyed by the violent Trump supporters as well.

OOPS! It turns out that there never was any actual threat to Biden’s inauguration, it was just another lie coming from the political left. And no state capitol was in any way attacked by anyone, and certainly not supporters of Donald Trump. So the National Guard troops were told to rest any way they could on cement parking lots and with few bathrooms, as a way for the Democrat party to show its appreciation for the troops’ discomfort and inconvenience at leaving their families and jobs to do nothing in D.C., except to let Democrats imagine they are about to be attacked at any time.

But now, two weeks after the inauguration, ABC News reports that there is a new security report of a pro-Trump uprising that will be launched in Washington, again. So the poor troops will be stuck there on the hard cement floor a while longer.

Does the political left ever stop blaming its opponents for plots and attacks that don’t exist? What the American Democrats need is a good Burning-of-the-Reichstag moment. But, like the Nazi’s of old, they will need to actually set the fire themselves, because no Trump supporter would do such an immoral thing. But lies from the left never stop, especially when they control all three branches of government.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I am still waiting for my “Yellow star” (or red MAGA Star) for my lapel… since the left wants to attack me, affect my workplace and Doxx me… what is next, and what will Americans allow… Do they still wait for “Q” to do something, or are the keyboard warriers ever going to do something, or do we wait to be marched off to the gulitines and gas chambers???

  2. Seems our laws are being broken willy-nilly and no one does anything about it. No one WANTS to do anything about it. When dums lie and start rumors about attacks, riots, whatever they call them, they should face penalties for their lies since others who believe them will attempt to stop/join attacks and will actually create mayhem because of someone else’s lies. That is called incitement. Fingers need to start being pointed at the Dums who keep getting away with this crime.

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