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Biden Issues Order For Boys To Defeat Girls. What Happened To Women’s Rights?

President Biden just issued an executive order insisting that boys be permitted to compete against girls, in girls’ sporting events.

My first reaction is that if boys are so weak that they need the image-building accomplishment of defeating a girl in the girls’ own sporting events, then they must have a low opinion of themselves, and probably hate girls, too. If a man must compete with girls when he can’t compete with persons of his own sex, he must have a very low self-esteem level.

What the hell is happening in America today? Biden issues an executive order to release all illegal aliens, even those standing trial for murder, so they will inevitably become a threat to American citizens. Then he issues an executive order forcing girls’ sporting events to be open to competing boys, knowing that the girls too often can’t win with a boy competing against them. Has the Democrat party lost the support of women with this idiotic order, and where are the “decent” Democrats who oppose this type of mistreatment of girls? There must be some decent Democrats left somewhere.

What happened to women’s rights, and the legislation that was created so women could have their own sporting events? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 assured women that they would not be discriminated against based on their sex, but Joey Biden knows better and allows discrimination against biological women by allowing the stronger biological men be allowed to compete against them in sports. There is no reason why these transgender men (self-identifying as women) could not compete with other men having equal muscle mass, except that, based on Biden’s order, trans men are unable to compete with their own, biologically equal, natural-born competitors, so they pick on women to race against because the odds are in their favor that they will win those races. One wonders, have there been any biological women who self-identify as men who are choosing to race against men? There are not, because they would likely lose those competitions.

So, especially in the case of high school girls, who have trained long and hard to compete in their chosen sport, and then are pitched against the more muscular males, it’s a slap in the face to young girls who want to be athletes, and Joey Biden is complicit in this unbalanced and idiotic plot against girls and women.

It’s easy to see who the President of the United States favors in this war with trans- groups, and his betraying the women protected under Title VII, as well as the women who just want to be the best they can be on an equal playing field with other players of the same ability. Trans athletes appeal to Biden as a group to promote over all others, when Joey could simply have left well enough alone and girls could have continued to happily compete in, and win, their own competitions. But that’s not how radical leftists do things. They will always tamper and destroy, just like our new president is destroying the dreams of many hard-working girls and women who have already lost, and will increasingly lose, competitions against males. How will America have women to compete in women’s Olympic events, when Biden has assured that only men will win the eliminating events leading up to the Olympic games? Will the Olympic committee allow American men to compete against German and Spanish women in events at the Olympic games?

Biden’s executive order appears to assure that trans-gender persons are not discriminated against based on their identity, but, undeniably, it instead discriminates against females when there is a male who will compete against them, which is a phony intellectually dishonest position for a Democrat, because it comes down to women having to compete against a naturally stronger opponent.

So one wonders where are the outraged voices of the National Organization of Women; and the American Association of University Women; and The National Association of Media Women; and the United States Commission of Civil Rights; and the D.C. State Federation of Business And Professional Women’s Clubs? If Trump had issued such an idiotic and abusive executive order the radical left would never stop screaming about it.

Shame on Biden! And shame on the silent leftists who are frightened of the far-left Biden and his farther-left running mate, that they will not defend their own daughters against big government.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. WAKE UP, AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!!! Biden continues to strip us of our CONSTITUTIONAL and CIVIL RIGHTS!!!!

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