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Biden Always Has a Masked Shadow When He Addresses the Public

A few months ago when Joe Biden was still just the Democrat candidate for president, he was making one of his rare appearances in front of the press corps, and for one question Biden was asked to step aside so the questioner could address Kamala Harris. The press possibly had the next president in front of them and asked to speak to the vice-presidential candidate instead. Very strange to have the boss present and ask for the assistant to ask questions of.

But it’s still happening. Every time Biden stiffly stumbles to the podium with his old-man walk, the masked Kamala always takes a position to his right-rear. It seems that his handlers are never quite certain what old Joe will say, so they send Kamala out to assure he doesn’t say something he’s not coached to say, like, maybe, the truth.

It’s almost spooky to see the masked image follow Biden to the stage and then plant itself a safe distance away. Is Kamala his controller or is she just there in case the press asks another question of Joe that he’s not informed enough to respond to or qualified to answer about his administration?

It’s one thing to have dozens of executive orders issued by a man who obviously doesn’t understand what he’s issuing, but it’s quite another to see the President Of The United States accompanied by a handler who is able to clear up a garbled statement made by the confused president, or can give a rational and party-line answer to a question from the press that can be understood.

One gets the feeling that the president is not really in charge of his administration, and it’s frightening to ponder who is really running the Biden White House. At what point does the real decision-maker get tired of fearing a major misstatement from Joe and get rid of the confused old man completely, and let the real radical in the administration, Kamala Harris, come out of the shadows and take over for real?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It should be obvious. They are openly telling the American public the situation anyone can plainly see. She’s waiting for him to be declared incompetent and she takes over. The Democrats have elected a woman president without a vote on it. It was deliberate.

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