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Attack Ad From Left-Wing Activists Allowed to Trend On Twitter Inciting Violence Against Conservatives

Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, a group known as Really American released an attack ad against conservatives that went viral on Twitter. The video reached over 2 million views by late in the evening and was trending as one of the top tweets.

The video depicts images of President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, Republican Sen.’s Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tommy Tuberville, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy. The video depicts images of the riots around the Capitol and is calling to remove all of these Republicans.

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RemoveThemAll is trending #4 in America. RETWEET to help push it to number 1 and send our message loud and clear. They ALL must go. pic.twitter.com/eJUivJZQMh

As the video was being shared online, it was sparking outrage against conservatives. Comments ranged from “remove all conservatives from the country”, “remove all conservatives from social media and the airwaves”, and more. Some said that these individuals destroyed lives and had sewn hate for years.

Apparently, no one on the Twitter threat recalls any of the riots throughout 2020 where the destruction caused millions in damages. Others were comparing the Republicans to Nazi Germany and Hitler, a common comparison in recent days.

Twitter allowing the video to exist on the platform and trend like this shows the bias of the organization. Had this been a tweet from President Donald Trump, or a conservative outlet, it would have been removed immediately. They would have blamed them for inciting violence and riots, spewing white supremacy and hate.

Just as Twitter blames President Donald Trump for causing the issues in Congress, now Twitter is allowing these types of acts to occur. This places the lives of these politicians and personalities at risk. Are their lives worth less than that of anyone else?

My comments have nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with President Donald Trump. Do I agree that his words have been harsh and out of line? Absolutely, I have said that many times. But if you are going to hold him accountable, you must also hold these groups accountable as well.

This is where the censorship issue becomes dangerous. By blocking President Donald Trump and others, Twitter and other big tech companies have pushed a divisive narrative. They are saying that it is ok to eliminate someone if you do not agree with what they say.

Twitter and Facebook have every legal right to remove things that are posted on their platform that they find offensive. I have covered that in my thoughts on Section 230 and how abolishing it would be just as dangerous for conservatives as it would be for liberals. Yet, this goes beyond the simple act of removing something that is offensive.

The bias and discrimination that are being displayed is astounding. This is not a promotion of free speech or an exchange of ideas. This is an outright attempt to eliminate nearly half of the US population from being able to exist in society.

Our nation is in a precarious situation. If there are true calls for violence, I have no issue with Twitter removing those posts. But the complete elimination of conservatives on the platform? That’s a dangerous move that will have significant consequences.

The Plan To Move Forward With A Trump-less Government

The events over the last few days are really interesting. We all knew Wednesday would be historic, but not for the reasons that it will go down in history. Jared shares that Mike Pence did exactly what he expected him to do. Mike Pence does not view this as a slam against President Trump.

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  1. Twitter needs to be introduced to Kat Griffin, Al Baldwin, Bobby De Niro, Mikey Moore, and a ton of other juvenile brats who get away with “almost murder”. They might get a kick out of them. Literally.

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