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Conservatives Should Not Use Google Search in Their Browsers – and Here’s How to Fix it

Americans with Conservative views have become increasingly frustrated by biased search results from Google search.

Google has proven this in the way they shaped traffic to this post moments after it was posted.

When we posted this, we saw more than 150 pageviews per minute – that indicated a viral post. Apparently Google also noticed that and quickly (within minutes) killed the post – down to 15 per minute.

The post didn’t change, didn’t suddenly have different information so why the loss of viewers?


Quit using Google.

Google Search is Biased Against Conservatives

Google Purges Conservative Sites from Search Results

Sherry in Virginia told us, “It’s frustrating to search for a basic news story and only get CNN, MSNBC and other biased links. I want the whole truth from both sides so I can decide for myself.”

She’s not alone. Most Americans don’t want their search engine force-feeding them biased results. They would rather see information from varied sources and then make their own determinations.

Growing up, I was taught by my Grandfather to read at least two news sources daily. He always read his local paper, which was left-leaning, and the Wall Street Journal, which was right-leaning. By reading both perspectives, he could draw his own conclusions about the truth.

I don’t watch TV news… ever. It’s sound bites and editorial. Not important. I read my news. I have subscriptions to the WSJ, IBD, and other worthwhile agencies while also reading the stuff NBC, CNN, Fox News and others put out. I like perspective. Otherwise, you end up in the echo chamber of social media or trapped by the entertainment news on TV.

So, how can conservatives escape Google’s search bias?

All of the major internet browsers give you the option to change your search provider. I like DuckDuckGo because they aren’t biased and don’t track your searches.

Changing your search provider is typically only two or three clicks and requires no downloads or anything else.

In Chrome, go to the settings menu:

Click on “Search Engine”

Then choose ANYTHING other than Google.

The operation is similar in Firefox (which I use), Microsoft Edge (which is terrible) and Safari. Do your own research to find a search engine that isn’t feeding you leftist crap and tracking you like you’re a lost dog.

I like DuckDuckGo and no, I don’t have a business relationship with them in any way. I just like my search results to be free of bias and I don’t like being tracked.

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  1. Yahoo has stopped all comments. I suppose that is because the election is nearing and they have been getting lots more negative comments because of the left-wing articles they are using in their full On propaganda war against conservatives, republicans, President Trump, and most of America.

  2. Is there a conservative alternative to the format used by Google News? I like how Google News lists multiple links for a particular topic. Problem is, most of the listings are to CNN, CNBC, Huff, Bloomberg, NPR, etc.

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