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Conservatives Still Waiting for Anchor Babies Aweigh!

Three years into the Trump administration seemed like a good time to evaluate progress on the number one issue for Trump voters: Illegal immigration. Unfortunately progress is nil.

There is no wall and no one is paying for it.

Beeler Columbus Dispatch

There is no ‘deportation force’ and Trump hasn’t even made a dent in the 22 million illegals already in the USA.

DACA isn’t ended.

Sanctuary cities, counties and states are going strong and suffering no penalty for entering into a conspiracy to obstruct justice and undermine the rule of law.

There is no tax on remittances sent by illegals here to their relatives in their home countries.

There is no nationwide requirement for the use of E–Verify in hiring.

There were even 300,000 anchor babies born to foreigners either just stopping in for a visit or hiding in the shadows.

In case you’re not up to speed on immigration loopholes that always work to benefit outsiders and never citizens, anchor babies are the GPS theory of national allegiance.

Let’s say your pregnant wife was sitting in the stands at Lambeau Field and she got so excited she gave birth. The resulting baby would not be entitled to Packers season tickets for the rest of his life. But if your wife was an illegal alien named Consuela, who gave birth in a Green Bay maternity ward, your new child would be a Yankee Doodle Dandy.

An instant US citizen with all the welfare rights that come with the birth certificate.

That last on the list of Trump immigration failures is the most curious of all, since Trump promised us in November 2018 that he was going to end “birthright citizenship” (the correct name for anchor babies) with a stroke of his pen.

Fifteen months later either Trump’s pen ran out of ink or the executive order is interred somewhere in Anonymous’ in–box.

That’s a real shame because Trump could have fulfilled this promise on his own. After the predictable lawsuit failed in court, one immigration scam would have been over.

The left and their stenographers in the Opposition Media who claim ending birthright citizenship is unconstitutional are simply lying, as usual.

Mark Levin said, “Not until the 1960’s [was] the Constitution …interpreted to convey birthright citizenship on the children of illegal aliens. And not due to any congressional statute or court ruling, but decisions by various departments and agencies of the federal bureaucracy.”

Decisions that can be countermanded by the president. The federal bureaucracy is at least intermittently controlled by Trump, so he can tell the executive branch to close the border in the maternity ward.

The question is, why hasn’t he?

Now that Trump has gotten rid of the hand–wringing Kirstjen Nielsen as secretary of Homeland Security and shown the door to the obstructionist who replaced her, he may be returning to immigration just in time for re–election.

Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has been appointed acting director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service and Trump is eyeing him as the next DHS secretary. And for a change Cuccinelli appears to support Trump’s immigration policy.

(I remain amazed that out of the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump he couldn’t find a thousand or so to hire for his administration. What a difference he could have made if he hadn’t opted for cocktail conservative retreads.)

Cuccinelli made the news when he issued a new rule that would exclude people on welfare from getting a green card. A law passed during the immigration crackdown inferno known as the Clinton administration already made it illegal to collect welfare and a green card, but squishes in the bureaucracy ignored this so they could feel noble spending your money.

Cuccinelli just made policy conform to the law. Currently being law-abiding is blocked by angry Obama judges, but they will lose in the end.

What’s appalling about Cuccinelli’s tenure so far surfaced in an interview he gave during a Christian Science Monitor breakfast. Naturally the question was framed by the OpMedia operative built around a lie.

Cuccinelli was asked what was he going to do “on changing birthright citizenship, or automatic citizenship for almost anyone born in the U.S., as enshrined in the 14th Amendment of the Constitution:

He rejected the amendment lie and then depressed Trump supporters around the nation when he said changing anchor baby policy “hasn’t come up much in his work at USCIS.”

Changing that flawed, unjustifiable policy is one of the easiest immigration reforms on the table for the Trump administration. It would send a message around the world that the USA is finally taking control of its border and will implement immigration policies that benefit citizens first.

And so far, doing it is 15 months and a broken promise late.

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Michael R Shannon

Michael R. Shannon is a speaker and political commentator who has entertained audiences on four continents and a handful of islands. His dynamic, laugh–out–loud commentary on current events, politics, and culture has connected with audiences in a wide variety of settings including corporate meetings, association conferences, Christian fellowship, political gatherings, university seminars and award dinners. He is the author of "A Conservative Christian's Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now with Added Humor!)" available at: https://tinyurl.com/lcqs87c

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  1. All I can say sir is; Wow. You nailed all the bullet points! Thank you, excellent article.

    Now, if only we could get the DOJ to actually indict some of the crooks out there (and stop talking about what they are going to do, but never do… Sort of the same as the immigration issue).

  2. The wall IS being built by an independent contractor who is a veteran. THe group is called We Build the Wall, look it up. I’m on their email list and get updates all the time with videos on You Tube. IT is funded by the public, anyone can donate and does. Also, Trump has diverted $3.6 billion from military to build the wall:

    Also $1.6 billion allocated for wall:

    Also, he hired the crooks in govt because he is dragnetting them and cataloguing their offenses. It took us a very long time to get into this mess, it will take a long time to fix it, but Pres Trump has almost finished getting things set up for arrests and has even talked about it. He has kept his promises – you folks just haven’t been paying attention and/or you’ve been reading msm news – which has lied all my life and I’m in my 60s. Watch Trump himself and you will see that things are happening. All is not as it appears and Trump works in mysterious ways, he always has. I’ve watched him for 40 yrs, he is amazing and unique and a good, honest man who loves America.
    THis article is full of untruths and is nothing more than a hit piece on our president. THis is supposed to be a conservative site yet it is trashing our first decent president in my lifetime – and I remember clearly all the way back to 1960 presidential campaign with JFK. This is disgusting to find an article like this on a conservative site. Shame on you. I’ve read your everyday for about a year – but I WILL NOT BE READING YOU EVER AGAIN, BECAUSE YOUR NEWS IS LIES.

  3. Michael, As usual, this article is thought provoking with “humor sprinkles”. Still chucking over the pregnant wife and thinking “how very accurate”
    I’ve spent the last 17 years advocating on ‘border issues’ to include our very Constitutional 14th Amendment. It has been ‘MIS-interpreted” until it’s wholly convoluted and useless. An elephant could jump through the loopholes! It’s long long past time for ‘real’ Americans to stop the talk and walk the walk…united.

    Immigration’reform’ has been a discussion only issue for decades, so it seems a tad unfair to blame it totally on President Trump.(WE elected Congress) While it’s true that an XO “could” be made, I also consider that you have to pick your fights.( Lordy knows he has had more than his share.) He has stirred up the Border crisis and kept the Obama judges neck deep in cases. ….And a surprising number of his promises have been kept.

    Having said that, I have advocated & worked on ‘Anchor Babies’ & secured borders for over 15 years. I also strongly believe in old fashioned ‘follow through’ to the finish of a project b’before’ starting new ones. I have a hunch, no proof, that the delay may be to “save a great campaign issue” to insure a second term and completion of other concerns….VERY disappointing…

    This ‘birth right’ is big business and an industry unto itself…OB/Gyn doctors flock to Border Towns to facilitate/encourage it. (My own doctor among them) leaving many Americans w/o care. Our Social Services are overloaded , schools over crowed etc.

    As long as I feel a need to take my passport when going to Walmart, I’ll continue to push for a return to the ACTUAL Constitution and Immigration LAWS ….If the President wants to make this an issue….let’s give him one….

    Always get a kick and information from your work!!!

    ONE AMERICAN in prayer for our Nation

  4. While (if) ‘E’ lists his 3, perhaps he should also explore some new sources or expand old ones. And here I thought the article was focused on Sanctuary cities/states…WHADDA I know, I’ve spent the last 18 years in a Border State advocating a Wall & Security measures.. Thanks Michael

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