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Pregnant Illegal Immigrant Gives Birth ‘Approximately 30 Minutes’ After Crossing Border

While every pregnancy case has its own individual details, the arrival of pregnant foreign nationals for the sole purpose of giving birth on American soil, a phenomenon known as birth tourism, is well documented. The Center for Immigration Studies, for example, estimated that tens of thousands of foreign nationals on temporary visas give birth in the U.S. every year.

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White House Rolls Out New Rules To End ‘Birth Tourism’

The Trump administration will implement new rules that aim to prevent pregnant foreign nationals from visiting the U.S. for the sole purpose of giving birth on U.S. soil, a practice widely referred to as “birth tourism.” The White House announced new rules Thursday meant to crack down on birth tourism, where foreign pregnant women enter the U.S. on a tourist ...

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President Trump To Crack Down On ‘Birth Tourism’: Report

Donald Trump signs tax reform into law 12-22-17

The Trump administration is reportedly preparing to crack down on foreign nationals who visit the United States with the explicit intention to give birth, taking advantage of the country’s birthright citizen laws. President Donald Trump is expected to roll out changes to visa requirements in the coming days in order to stifle the “birth tourism” industry, in which many pregnant ...

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Study Estimates Roughly 372,000 Births By Illegal Aliens And Non-Immigrants Each Year

A newly-released study estimates that are about 372,000 births annually in the United States by foreign nationals on temporary visas and those living here illegally, highlighting the robust “birth tourism” industry. The Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington, D.C. think tank that advocates for decreased immigration, released a study that estimates there are about 39,000 births annually to guest workers, ...

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Trump Considering Executive Order On Birthright Citizenship

President Donald Trump told reporters Wednesday that he is looking “very seriously” at the law of birthright citizenship, confirming that he is considering issuing an executive order. Currently, a baby born in the United States automatically receives American citizenship through the Fourteenth Amendment, even if the baby is born to undocumented immigrants. Trump has said in the past that he ...

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Trump Says “Adios” to Birthright Citizenship

Ending birthright citizenship, better known as dropping the anchor baby, is the most significant illegal immigration reform the President Trump has announced. With a single executive order, he unplugs a beacon that attracts scammers from the world over. He also attacks a visible manifestation of the Foreigners First mindset that has infected the State Department, and the rest of the ...

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Illegal Aliens Regularly Granted Lawless Benefits

Michael Anton is amazed by housebroken conservatives that support an immigration position that will eventually remove any chance for conservative government. Anton is the author of ‘The Flight 93 Election’ that outlined the stakes facing conservatives in stark terms, making him one of the first respectable conservative intellectuals to come out in support of Donald Trump. Lately he’s been involved ...

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