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Here’s the team that will defend President Trump against Schiff and Nadler’s impeachment circus

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump is set to start Tuesday. Although the articles did not garner full Democrat support and got zero Republican votes, the left has decided to ride out the ill-conceived storm they stirred up.

Fortunately, the president will have a top-tier legal counsel presenting the lack of facts in the case. Here’s who will be defending Trump beginning this week:

  • Pat A. Cipollone – Counsel to the President (co-lead)
  • Jay Alan Sekulow – Counsel to the President (co-lead)
  • Kenneth Starr, former Solicitor General of the United States, Former Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and Former Independent Counsel
  • Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus, Harvard Law School
  • Pam Bondi, Special Advisor to the President and Former Attorney General of Florida
  • Jane Serene Raskin, Private Counsel to President Donald J. Trump
  • Eric D. Herschmann, Kasowitz, Benson, Torres LLP
  • Robert Ray, Partner, Thompson and Knight, LLP, and Former Independent Counsel.

This high-octane, highly-qualified team will turn this into a trial on the House’s attempt to destroy the country.

“President Trump has done nothing wrong and is confident that this team will defend him, the voters, and our democracy from this baseless, illegitimate impeachment,” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement.

“The Articles of Impeachment House Democrats have adopted threaten grave and lasting damage to our institutions and to our Nation,” she added.

Just remember, this is how the Democrats marched the articles of impeachment over to the Senate:


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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. A Comparison:

    The FBI Director openly and publicly had vendetta against him.
    The DC swamp, Dept of Justice leadership and the AG conspired to entrap him.
    Fake Stories were planted and ran about him.
    They bugged his locations.
    Democrats in certain states did everything in their power to bring him down.
    They planted spies in his group.
    They used fake evidence to justify spying on him.
    He angered most of Congress with the truth of their deeds and lack of corrective actions.
    His Civil Rights were violated repeatedly by those in power.
    He was titled a notorious liar by the DC / FBI leadership, the media and others.
    They believed that he was a communist agent working for Moscow and backed by communist front organizations.
    They blamed him for riots and protests that their voters caused.
    They went after his family and friends.
    They falsely labeled him names, and accused him of things he never had done or could have been there to do.
    The CIA also helped out also and attempted to falsely tie him to Russia.
    They used secret witnesses against him.

    I could list a dozen of so more of the vindictive hate and verbal attacks directed at him.
    But it is clear.

    ———-> Martin Luther King jr. <————–

    also had his problems the Democrat Party and Leadership….
    not just Trump.

    I guess in 50+ years little has changed,.
    Because when the Democrats and their politically owned media are threaten, they come after a person any way they can. Even if it means slander, openly violating the Law, US Constitution and the Bill Of Rights with immunity, to get their way.

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