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Here’s What Nikki Haley Says Is Really Behind Democrats’ Impeachment Push

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Wednesday that the Democratic push for impeaching President Donald Trump is really about flipping Senate seats.

Haley offered the theory in a tweet during Wednesday’s impeachment hearings before the House Judiciary Committee.

Haley said that she does not believe the hearings are about defeating the president, but rather about winning Senate seats for Democrats.

“I don’t believe the Dems are pushing these impeachment hearings because they believe they can defeat the Pres,” Haley tweeted. “I believe this is a political game to win senate seats of those senators in vulnerable elections. It is one of the biggest political campaigns we have ever seen.”

Haley’s comments come as Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, attacked what he called the Democrats’ “bribery” narrative during his testimony. Turley also admitted that while he voted against Trump, he thought Democrats have insufficient evidence to impeach the president.

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  1. These democrats and their party should be renamed “The New Nazi DemocRat Party”, not to mention, everyone of these anti-American Nazi democRats should be promptly arrested and prosecuted for fraud, extortion, espionage, aiding and abetting terrorist organizations, perjury, bribery, larceny, Dereliction of Duty, conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected U.S. president that carries a penalty of treason and the death penalty, along with several other treasonous crimes. When are the American citizens gonna get fed up with these treasonous Nazi democrats and corrupt politicians and judges and make a stand to take their Republic/Nation back before it’s too late? After all, if these Nazi democrats get full control of all the election boards and elections and disarm the American citizens, it’ll be game over for our Republic/Nation, and the citizens, and the world, in will be the New World Order, a UN police state, and global genocide. Fact is, these democrats and their party are the number one enemy and biggest threat to our national security, our nation, and our liberties. This sham impeachment process and smear campaign by these Nazi democrats and fake news media upon the president should’ve never been allowed to happen or take place, especially without any solid evidence or due process, our founding fathers would’ve already been shooting and or hanging a bunch of traitors, including those within the fake news media who are complicit in this conspiracy to overthrow our Republic of the USA. Then we have all these spineless republicans sitting on their thumbs not uniting and making a lot of noise to confront the Nazi democrats and their illegal and unconstitutional impeachment process, as if many are complicit and hiding behind the backs of the treasonous Nazi democrats. The American citizens had better be paying close attention to all the players involved in this sham impeachment scenario, and they’d better be paying attention behind the scenes as well, the powder keg is getting warm and it can only take so much heat before it blows.

  2. Each new outrage is worse than the last, and every time I think they’ve gone as far as they can, they go further. Agree that you start to wonder—where the heck does it stop?

    Okay, so they have the House (thanks,RINO’s)….I’m still amazed that,just because of that, they are making up brand new parliamentary rules—I knew there was a rules committee, but I didn’t know that meant they could go willy-nilly. Wish I knew all the powerful attorneys that congress members do; would have tried to find out if there’s any limit to what the party in power can do as far as not recognizing the other party or letting them call witnesses…seems a court ruling is needed, where before, we could count on congress to at least follow rudimentary procedure.

    At this point, McConnell should be saying, “Hell no, we won’t have a trial, when proper procedures weren’t followed in the House,” instead of “Oh yeah, we’ll have the trial.” (paraphrase.) Hopefully, seeing this unfold in front of their eyes will turn 2020 into a landslide — for instance, those academics yesterday, were so arrogant with their obvious bias and hatred toward the president — not a good look, with the country watching (the few who are–not me; I just watch a few highlights on the net…)

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