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Former Rep. Sean Duffy Questions Whether Americans Will Ever Get Behind Impeachment


Former Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy questioned whether Americans will ever get behind impeaching President Donald Trump on CNN’s “New Day” Thursday.

House Democrats have pushed for impeaching the president following a July 25 phone call where he asked Ukraine’s president to look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Duffy, a CNN commentator, was on a panel alongside former Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent speaking about the inquiry.

“And can you get the American people behind impeachment?” Duffy said. “And I would tell you, you’ve been saying for months ‘the dam is going to break, Republicans are going to be on the president, so is our House members.’ The bottom line is I go home and Republicans are more angry than ever, more motivated than ever to actually go out and support President Trump.”

“I’m seeing independents who are frustrated about the process. And they see whether we’re talking about Rudy Giuliani or these lawyers that have come in or the witnesses over the past three weeks,” he said. “They’re not buying into the fact that Donald Trump should be impeached.”

Dent said his Republican friends “abhor” the president and suggested the support around Trump is “very soft.”

“Many of them are very frustrated, they are very angry, they are very upset about the president’s conduct,” Dent said before Duffy reiterated his belief that Republicans are “more unified” than ever against impeachment.

“The Republican conference has never been more unified and energized in opposition to impeachment,” Duffy said.

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