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Can Democrats Legally Benefit from Criminal Dishonesty?

Ever wonder the number of people believing they could commit the perfect crime? There are many books and movies exposing such attempts and even hilarious ‘really dumb failed criminal plots.’

Could it be possible to accept Democrats have succeeded for many years? At least until Donald J. Trump arrived in DC and only time will tell if they are finally prosecuted for their crimes.

The Democrat’s quest for the perfect crime began when they realized it would be much easier to steal from Taxpayers than Banks. That’s when the Deep State society was born.

With a little ‘tweaking’ of Congressional rules and regulations, Democrats may have successfully devised the ‘perfect crime’ on a scale most could only dream about. It’s a scheme whereby elite members of their criminal society would be legally compensated and shielded by their own rules.

In addition, anyone challenging their schemes would face the unlimited onslaught of Government Prosecutors – not personally hired attorneys like the rest of us.

In other words, opponents would most likely become bankrupt before winning their legal case. Nope, they don’t even have to use the money they steal to defend themselves. It’s called 100% profit, contributed by taxpayers!

By speaking and acting from the floor of the House, Democrats can wheel and deal with no fear of reprisal or prosecution. If they want to fund their wife’s non-existent ‘homosexual retrofit research project,’ no problem and millions of taxpayer funds are provided.

Follow up accountability is nonexistent but never needed since they already know all is well when Democrats get their scams approved. However, if anyone demands an audit, here comes the government attorneys – case closed.

It’s like attempting to defeat an NFL team having 30 extra offensive linemen on the playing field. The quarterback will have all the time needed to do whatever to score because no one is able to break through their wall of protection.

Every day has become Christmas for members of the Democrat criminal charlatans. All-the-while appearing as devoted loyal Americans and servants of the people – just as fake as their media sycophants.

Today, Donald J. Trump is slowly but surely exposing these charlatans as despicable thieves, blackmailers, extortionists, liars, sexual abusers, rapists, fraudsters, and the like protected by the veil of Congressional secrecy.

Yes, it’s been a successful scheme for many years as paupers enter Congress and high government offices then leave with massive amounts of financial wealth and financial security for their families and friends – the perfect revolving door, right?

Suddenly, their worst nightmare has become reality. A non-political citizen that can’t be bought or bribed was elected as America’s President and he won’t play or participate in their silly criminal games.

What’s even worse is he is slowly turning off their taxpayer funded get wealthy spickets. Then the new President has the audacity to expose political criminality by demanding government transparency and posts guards around taxpayer funds to protect American citizens.

Well, we cannot be surprised learning the Swamp doesn’t approve of such tactics, right? Even the thought of becoming honest, transparent, and fair among the DC Swamp is just absurd and heads are bursting all over town!

After all, Democrats have cemented their criminal activities and anyone with a ‘jack-hammer’ is not welcome and must be forbidden to enter the city limits!

Democrats have vowed to never serve the people before they are served. There are no alternatives or compromises.

Democrats are so fixated on their scams; they don’t realize they have already lost the battle. President Trump is peeling the onion and one by one these crooks are being outed and exposed.

What’s so unique about what is happening now is as the onion is peeled, there are no tears – nothing but joy in seeing justice return to America!

Wouldn’t we love to be in the media sycophant and Democrat Swamp Party meetings as they plot and plan their next criminal activities? Will the next chapter in their failed efforts be more sex scandals, Russian hoaxes, global warming hoaxes, whistle-blower hoaxes, tax hoaxes, or what?

The really bad news for Democrats is the more they attack our President, the stronger he becomes. Americans are not stupid, and they see right through all these Democrat criminals.

It would be akin to looking over the playbook of a football team that hasn’t won a single game. Now, it’s 4th down, 1 second left on the clock, and 99 yards from the goal line. It would be obvious their next play is to go straight to the funeral home, right?

No, Democrats won’t accept defeat, instead they will take the referees off the field, move the goal posts, spray opponents with pepper spray, yell fire in the stadium so everyone leaves, turn off the lights, and get their sycophant media to proclaim a touchdown and victory.

Of course, for Democrats this would be just another fair play, because Donald Trump made them do it, right? Meanwhile, the ballot boxes are turning against Democrats as members of their Party are awakening and departing in a mass exodus – especially minorities.

America remains a Christian Nation. When any political party turns against God, decency, truth, fact, and goodness; there is nothing left to encourage support and the lack of interest in Democrat leadership has reached the lowest level ever.

The Democrat charade has ended, and time is up. There is no way for them to taste victory, again. There comes a time when nothing is left but to destroy and start afresh – Democrats are at that point.

Democrats have no intentions of ever serving taxpayers and welcome Donald J. Trump into DC. There is nothing left for Democrats but to act juvenile, lie, and attempt to intimidate.

There is no sanity remaining among Democrats. Killing millions of jobs, taking away health care insurance, removing elderly government benefits, destroying the US economy, creating massive fires, increasing homelessness, increasing poverty, making illegal aliens superior to American citizens, maltreating members of law enforcement and our Armed Forces, murdering children, promoting sex slavery and illegal drugs, secret impeachment hearings, and the like are not winning platforms!

That’s why Democrats must not just be defeated at the polls, but they must be disgraced and degraded to the reality of who and what they are: anti-American domestic terrorists.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. Democrats CAN benefit from illegal activity. They do it EVERY DAY. In fact, they don’t even hide it anymore–they are insultingly overt. But since they go absolutely unchallenged, they get bolder and bolder. Why have American Citizens been so absolutely disenfranchised? How do we stop this? Voting doesn’t help. They won’t allow us to set the term limits most folks from BOTH parties are screaming for. The few non-corrupt Republicans on the Hill are powerless or haven’t got the will to stop it. Does it just get worse until we collapse?

  2. Hi and your questions are full of merit and ones Republicans need to answer.

    It’s definitely time for the hammer of justice to fall upon all of this criminal activity going on in DC – even if it falls on Republicans, and it probably will.

    Thanks for your comments and keep on staying strong.


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