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‘They Knew I Was Kidding’: Trump Responds To ‘Fake News’ Over ‘Chosen One’ Jest


President Donald Trump hit back at “Fake News outlets” Saturday who alleged he has a “Messiah complex” after he looked up to the sky and said he had been “chosen” to take on China.

Trump spoke to reporters Wednesday and discussed the trade war with China. At one point, Trump glanced up at the sky and said “I am the chosen one,” joking about how the war had chosen him, not the other way around.

Journalists and media outlets went after Trump for the joke, with MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner tweeting that the president is “dangerously unhinged.”

The president tweeted about “Fake News outlets” Saturday following the blow-up, writing that everyone knew he was “kidding” and “being sarcastic.”

New York Daily News featured the comment on the front page of its newspaper Thursday, and the main photo was the president depicted as Jesus during the Last Supper. MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” discussed the comment Thursday as well, and started its segment with a compilation of fictional characters from movies saying that they were “the chosen one.”

CNN’s Don Lemon also discussed the joke with a panel Thursday evening. Author Michael D’Antonio took the comment at face value and suggested Trump had Ivanka, his daughter, critique him as he practiced the phrase beforehand.

“Oh, I think, you know, first he had to write the line ‘I’m the chosen one’ and then he had to practice it,” D’Antonio said Thursday. “He probably had Ivanka come in and critique and tell him how it looked. She said ‘it looks terrific, daddy.’ This is absurd.”

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  1. Let’s face it…President Trump’s intelligence level is so high that ‘fake news’ would get a nose bleed trying to reach it. They can only concentrate on one thing at a time and bray out ‘get Trump’ to their ill informed followers. tsk tsk so sad…If you only see black or white, you miss the colors in between.

    Fake news apparently believes that ‘freedom of speech’ applies only to them and not to an ordinary old ‘deplorable like me…

    The Marine was right on calling these LIES their tool…Let’s dump their toolbox in 2020!

  2. Force Recon Marine

    Well in a way President Trump is “the chosen one” since we Americans “chose” to elect him!!!

    Lieberals are in full panic mode without a viable candidate or platform to run on.

    All they can do is malign a duly elected president with pejorative labels.

    I have yer to see ANY meaningful legislation come out of the house chambers since the 2018 midterms . However I have heard calls for impeachment.

    This talk about impeachment of the our President is stupid inane and ludicrous. Not to mention infinitely more absurd than the following mendacities AKA corruption during the Øb☭m☭ bin lyin Administration.


    2) What was that emergency airlift in the dead of night of that $400 million CASH, no doubt of taxpayer money in an unmarked aircraft bound for Teheran to the waiting arms of radical hateful Mullahs
    and smiling faces of the IRG’s ( Iranian Revolutionary Guards). Didn’t you stupid LIEberals comprehend anticipate they were speaking Farsi, “Dumb Stupid Americans”?

    3) Just as infuriating is the reported return of $1.6 (or is it $1.8 or worse $ 160 billion?) in frozen Iranian assets since 1979? Or was it a ransom payment for at least four American citizens held hostage in Iranian prisons? And Mr. John Kerry, you Sir (I cringe when I think of addressing you as sir or honorable for you are not even close to being honorable), like to fancy yourself as being an expert negotiator. Yet there was nary a word about a fifth American patriot, Barry Levinson a former intelligence officer held in Iran even far longer than any of the four who got released? There is no need to ask how you would you feel if you were him or a family member, as you like all LIEberals, only think and feel about yourselves. There is no closure nor will there be any. One might ask how the hell you are able to sleep at night. Then again, like ALL LIEberals you have no conscience

    4) Let’s reflect upon that extremely stupid swap of five terrorists masterminds held at Guantanamo for one Traitorous Army deserter? And let’s not forget to consider the loss of life of those tasked to search for that POS TRAITOR!!! INTELLIGENCE informed you what would occur should those TERRORISTS be released, and true to form, just as reported, a number of them returned to the battlefield to kill Americans. You in the Øb☭m☭ bin lyin administration are so arrogant you never listened or learned your lesson. did you? – SHOCKING – SHOCKING indeed!

    5) It has been well documented that the so-called, Uranium One Deal transacted during the Øb☭m☭ bin lyin administration ceded ownership and control of 20-25 percent of US- manufactured Uranium stockpile to
    Kremlin oligarchs. How do you know cronies of Putin have not sold the Uranium or part of it to Iranians which fights a proxy war and either use it to bomb Israel or any other allies or worse even the USA?
    I understand the deal required 9 signatories including the FBI when Mueller was DIRECTOR and the State Dept when HRC was Secretary. — If that was not high TREASON, I do not know what is. OBVIOUSLY you don’t either!!!

    6) Why was there no emergency assistance rendered to the American Consulate staff in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 when radical terrorists of Al Qaeda persuasion stormed plundered and torched the compound despite a reported 600 or so frantic desperate calls or email messages from Ambassador Christopher Stevens begging for preventative measures to be taken? Other than blaming this “event” on an internet video, what do you say to the families of Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty and the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens?

    Again if this was not malfeasance which is more like HIGH TREASON, nothing is!!!

    7) Who should have been accountable for the murder of border agent, Officer Brian Terry during that stupidly idiotic “Fast and Furious'” sting operation set-up by the Eric Holder-led DOJ?

    8) Madam Speaker, have you seen a copy of the bona fide birth certificate of Øb☭m☭ bin lyin lately? And you arrogant Democrats have even the gall and inane effrontery of talking about impeaching President Trump at a time of economic prosperity for the American people? – Unless of course unbeknownst to me, you are indeed truly more fatuous than I thought.

    Impeachment? Madam Speaker, you are one administration too late!!!

    Which Øb☭m☭ accomplishments do you consider to be his best? Allowed men in the women’s room * Gave our enemy Iran billions of dollars * Failed to secure our southern border * Obstructed the construction of the Keystone Pipeline *Weaponizing the IRS using Lois Lerner to hinder conservative non-profit groups * Used the NSA and Clapper to spy on average American citizens and the Associated Press then LIE about it * Swapping five Taliban Commanders for Bowe Bergdhal a spineless Army deserter * Ran up the National Dept past $20 trillion * Using the U.S. government in the vast expansion of Racial Division * Disrespecting Law Enforcement to the point of being killed in ambushes * Failed economic stimulus plan * Caused the price of healthcare to rise drastically * Constant disregard the Rule of Law – our Constitution * Failed to stop housing foreclosures (the Clinton Legacy) * Failed to stop the erosion of the education system * Not only failed to curb but increased the cost of higher education * Highest percentage of people on food stamps both legal and illegal * Lowest GDP on record for eight years * Highest unemployment on record * Denied the idea of American Exceptionalism * Benghazi * Using his pen and phone to circumvent the U.S. Constitution. Went on an “Apology Tour” * All the LIES about the “Affordable Healthcare Act” Øb☭m☭care * Weaponizing the CIA and FBI then Submitting phony documentation to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign * Then top this all off boasting that there wasn’t a “smidgeon” of corruption!!! Now that takes GALL!!!

    Lying is a tool LIEberals use to promote their agenda and confuse suckers who believe these fabrications No lie is too egregious to promote their agenda.

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