Is the Democrat Slave Reparations Legislation Legit?

Still in Chains - A.F. BrancoShould anyone be upset over any legitimate bi-partisan legislative proposal? Isn’t that the American way? That’s why our wise forefathers gave us our system of “checks and balances,” right?

That’s why Americans revolt when legislators attempt to “ram” unpopular legislation down our throats that harm our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By checking these three boxes when it comes to legislation, much can be revealed.

Therefore, if we only dig a little deeper into this recent Democrat legislation to provide reparations for slaves, we will be able to accurately expose the reason they are pushing this issue.

Suppose many years ago you became a member of the national “Blue Bird” political party. At meetings across the country, members conclude that banks are evil and must be robbed. The plan is passed by members, and actions to carry out their plans, follow.

Armies of people are trained. Everyone is armed with deadly weapons. Formal plans are produced on how and where to attack the banks. Everything planned then goes into action.

After years of hitting banks and murdering thousands of decent people, a brick wall is suddenly hit when more powerful forces stop this reign of terror. The Blue Bird party shifts to being more responsible, lay down their weapons, stop hitting banks, and life improves for all.

Meanwhile, 625,000+ innocent people were left dead in the streets and pastures. Likewise, untold lives and families along with property were forever changed and even destroyed. It’s a disastrous story revealed in history, films, and passed on to future generations.

After the siege ended, the real work began for generations to come. Efforts were immediately exerted to heal the wounded. Rebuilding families, property, societies, and government became priorities. Unfortunately, some of the damage was so severe, rebuilding was not an option.

No, progress didn’t come immediately. The wounds were deep, the hurt will never go away, so healing takes time. Multiple generations remain focused upon putting this tragedy behind.

After many decades pass, Blue Bird Politicians suddenly emerge to announce the forces that stopped them were immoral and they should be compensated for their suffering! Say, what????

Let’s pause and please attempt to grasp this moment… those committing crimes against humanity are now demanding compensation for being stopped from committing crimes against humanity! Yes, a little confusing – if not altogether insane, right?

Now, let’s return to the real world. Obviously, the Blue Bird Party was just used as an analogy. However, in the real world, that Blue Bird Party is and has always been the Democrat Party.

Instead of ‘robbing banks’ their crime was wanting to ‘maintain slavery’ in America. The plan used is known today as the American Civil War confirming they were willing to kill Republicans and those against slavery to maintain their slaves and self-serving desires.

Today, this same holier-than-thou Political Party is totally unhinged in all they do. Imagine the gall and insanity of trying to paint the Civil War picture as Republicans (the brick wall they hit) being the bad guys.

It’s not only a total lie, but it’s irresponsible and unconscionable to try to pull off such a radical Ponzi scheme – maybe even criminal. Yes, their lies continue by claiming slaves were only owned by Whites and Republicans.

In order to unravel this unconscionable “shake-down” scheme designed by Democrat Politicians to fatten their wallets, we must first agree Democrats love to lie and deceive. Often time, it appears to be all they can do.

Understanding this sick characteristic about the Democrat Party, one must always validate anything stated by any Democrat and especially legislation. There is currently less than a 1% chance they will ever speak truthfully. As importantly, they don’t like to do things legally.

It could be said that Democrats are the epitome of what citizens believe about all politicians. In August 2018, Congress’ public approval rating was 17 percent.

However, that doesn’t stop them from looking down their noses at President Trump whose approval ratings are nearly three times greater. So, to their lying and deceit, we must add the characteristic of arrogance and the combination is truly disastrous.

Today, these same self-serving Democrats come before Congress demanding Americans pay them for not supporting and protecting Slaves. No, it doesn’t matter this all happened over a century ago. What matters is once again, they have ‘hatched’ a false narrative to bilk taxpayers just like the Russia Hoax.

So, what if we get behind reparations but deal with the facts and force Democrats, the guilty party, pay Republicans… say around $5 Million dollars per registered voter? Let’s start the movement by using “#demspayrep” when possible.

When it comes to working for American taxpayers, they won’t take 30 minutes to meet with Republicans to fix the southern border problems and stop illegal entries, child sex trafficking, and illegal drugs killing thousands of our children.

In 2020 how would it be possible for any sane person to vote for Democrats favoring illegal slavery? Are they really wanting another Civil War?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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