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Mark Levin: Why Doesn’t The Media Question Nancy Pelosi’s Mental Health Like They Do With Trump?


While Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump are involved in a tit for tat verbal assault on each other, Pelosi called Trump mentally ill. She is in no position to talk. We’ve seen her stare into space, mumbling, forgetting things, mispronouncing words, getting confused and not through doctored videos either. She is 79 years old and should step down from that position.

Nancy Pelosi dementia pic

Recently Mark Levin appeared on Sean Hannity’s show promoting his latest book “Unfreedom of the Press” and questioned Nancy Pelosi’s mental ability and why the media doesn’t ask her for her tax returns like Trump. Below is a transcript from that interview:

HANNITY: Mark, I want you to go – we went through the history, I want you to take where we are and where is the — what is the status of the media now?

LEVIN: Let’s look at this way, let’s break it down this way. When is the last time “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post” ran a positive news story about the President of the United States, or a negative news story about Pelosi, Nadler or Schumer? Think about this, when is the last time “The New York Times” or “The Washington Post” published a leak that was positive about the President or supportive of the President? Name one host on CNN or MSNBC who is right of center, just one.

  Now, the President of the United States, they questioned his mental health, right? Did they ever question Nancy Pelosi’s mental health? Why? Did they ever question Jerry Nadler’s mental health, why not?

Tax returns. Why are the media disinterested in Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s tax returns? They’re multimillionaire, she’s the Speaker of the House, all legislation comes through her. We now see there’s issues with Elijah Cummings and a piece in The Washington Examiner, where his wife runs these two foundations and an enormous amount of money comes into those foundations and she gets a big paycheck from those foundations.

And some of those who are donating or have donated are overseen by his Committee. Why don’t we have the tax returns of Nancy Pelosi and the bank records of Nancy Pelosi and all the Chairman of these Committees, in fact all of the members of these Committees. Why are the media absolutely disinterested in this?

Why are Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and their influence peddling with a foreign government untouchable? Why aren’t these issues? Why aren’t these being investigated? I’ll give you another example. We talk about executive privilege. I hear these so-called legal experts and senior this and senior that talking about executive privilege like it’s never been asserted before.

So the media doesn’t provide any context for their audience in many respects. George Washington was the first to assert executive privilege. Dwight Eisenhower has asserted. In no particular order, I’m just thinking about it. Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Grover Cleveland, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton; I’m sure there are many others.

So why does the President exert executive privilege? Because he’s trying to hide crimes or financial misconduct, or he doesn’t want information to be out? No, because he’s protecting the executive branch from Congress. It doesn’t say in the constitution that Congress gets whatever it wants, that Congress can issue whatever subpoena it wants against anyone it wants for their personal records, for whatever it is.

Congress doesn’t function that way, isn’t supposed to. Executive privilege can be asserted for a number of reasons, including protecting the privacy of White House deliberations. That is a President with immediate staff like Don McGahn, his lawyer. I heard somebody say, I forget which network it was on, I just said, gee what a knucklehead, and they present themselves as a legal analyst, that the President somehow waived privilege with Don McGahn, because he allowed Don McGahn to speak to the prosecutor.

The prosecutor is in the executive branch. We’re talking about asserting privilege against Congress getting the information from Mr. McGahn; two different things that was never waived. And so what does Mr. Nadler do, whose tax returns I’d like to see and may need a psychological makeup as well, from what I understand. What does he do? Well, he claims that the fact that they can’t get Don McGahn should really start discussions about impeachment.

So a President asserting executive privilege, like other Presidents have to protect the executive branch and the Office of the President, should start a discussion about impeachment? And of course over Chris Cuomo at CNN, he sits there dumb as a rock and he allows that to go through.

Now they want Hope Hicks, who was a confidante to the President, and Annie Donaldson who was the Chief of Staff to the White House Counsel, all these people fit within the circle of close advisors and confidantes of the President of the United States.

They’ll never get them, but they want the media out – it’s all for the media – they want the drama. We have subpoenaed 412 times and 412 times he’s resisted the subpoena, and he won’t allow these people to talk. And Nadler is on TV yesterday, a complete fraud and disgrace, and he accused of the President of the United States last night. He announced that he’s committed crimes. Is he a judge? Is he a jury? Is he a prosecutor now?

No, he’s just another, may I say, jerk politician from New York City. And now he’s declared that the President has committed crimes, while he’s waving around the constitution of the United States in his star chamber.

Let me explain a few other things. Mr. Nadler, you’re interested in tax returns. Why weren’t you interested in Obama’s tax returns? You’re interested in bank accounts. Why weren’t you interested in Obama’s tax returns? You’re interested in making sure there’s no foreign influence in a President of the United States and so forth.

I don’t remember you all worked up with Johnny Chung, the Riyadi group and all the money that flowed into the Clinton campaign and all the money that flowed into the DNC, millions of millions of dollars, I don’t remember you demanding a Special Counsel.

Here’s what at least half the country knows, Nadler is a fraud, the Democrats in the House are a fraud that they want to reverse the course of this country. They want to disenfranchise the 63 million Americans who voted for them.

Here is what else they know, the Democrats have the press in their back pocket and the press has the Democrats in their back pocket. You want to know all the details, check out “Unfreedom of the Press”, because the rest of us, we stand for the   freedom of the press, not this perversion of the First Amendment.


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