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How Deep is Stupidity in Liberals?

In the movie Forest Gump, an expression from the 14th century was resuscitated. Since then, Liberals justify it being often repeated. The saying is critical to understand because it compares “facades” to “reality.”

In other words, we all know people who purport to be something they are not. Reality suggests someone very different. Please consider the Global Warming hoaxers traveling around the world in their jets and black SUV caravans telling everyone else what “we” must do to save the planet – including eradicating air travel and autos.

Another example to consider is the elites, politicians, and Hollywood people running around in a caravan of bodyguards. They have on hand enough weapons to start World War III. However, us common folks must not be trusted with any means of self-protection.

Similar statements like, ‘handsome is as handsome does’ and ‘beauty is only skin deep’ also serves to amplify the idiocy of so many people. Unwittingly, Hollywood finally did something positive by exposing these vast differences. Hollywood elites often confuse their good looks and ability to act with a character having brains to solve world issues.

Consider as a prime example, the actor Bill Nye. His role as a “science guy” has now become a major part of his personal identity. He truly believes he is a scientific genius instead of being just another dumb actor!

It’s ironic because movie stars, media, and politicians “look” okay in makeup. However, if we watch what they do and say off scene, it leaves no doubt about their lack of competence and intellectual prowess.

What’s so unfortunate is understanding that like sex outside of marriage, stupidity is a “choice.” Democrats are fortunate to have willing media accomplices ready to cover up idiotic actions and prop them back up.

In contrast, Conservatives are monitored 24/7 by liberals searching for innocent stupid mistakes to be broadcast and exposed around the world in order to embarrass them. Imagine being so stupid to need an offensive plan to neutralize your stupidity!

There are shows and news clips of people going on the streets and campuses to ask liberals simple questions, but they fail horribly. While laughable, it’s more sickening to see how dumbed down American liberals have become.

For most of us, we think of any system of education as a place where learning is the only priority. However, for Democrats, they look at it as a place for indoctrinating their socialist propaganda, getting votes, and garnering more contributions.

Teacher unions are one of the more generous contributors to the Democrats. Local school boards work in tandem with Democrats to keep the labor unions payed back for votes with providing supplies, construction, support contracts, furniture, food, and other needs from union suppliers allowing Democrats to win again and again.

Along comes someone noticing students are no longer being educated, presents a plan to correct this wrong, and guess what Democrats do? Their heads explode! No, it has nothing to do about quality education – it’s money.

Few Americans realize Democrats focus on all legislation based upon taxes. Each time tax payments are made; the system is rigged so their cash register rings.

Any law or position taken by Democrats is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Otherwise, the proposed law goes into the “dead on arrival” legislative burial grounds.

Likewise, if we find Democrat opposed to legislation, they are just saying, “If you can find a way that enriches Democrats, we’ll vote with you!” Democrats fixate on only two urgencies: 1) Power, and 2) Money.

Democrats know they are not going to get their palms greased while President Trump is in office, so their plan is simply, “RESIST.” While President Trump is fighting for us, Democrats fight against the best interests of America and law-abiding citizens while doing everything in their power to protect and support illegals.

As we move toward 2020, let’s consider Forest Gump’s wisdom and not allow stupidity to flourish. We need to have a war on stupidity and not elect another local, State, or Federal Democrat or Republican that isn’t able to openly profess their love for God, Flag, and Country!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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