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Ocasio-Cortez Has No Idea What Capitalism or Socialism Actually Are

Economists agree: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not understand socialism or capitalism and at South by Southwest, a liberal gathering, she proved it.

Andy Puzder explains the two economic systems and how Alexandra has it so wrong.

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  1. AOC’s brain is like cheese cloth. Porous to ideas yet retaining the effluent.

  2. AOC is a product of the Frankfurt School strategists and their strategy known as Critical Theory. Her seething Critical Theory is self evident each time she opens her mouth. Nearly every college and university in the country has had their philosophy, history and humanities departments filled to the “ tippy top” with conformist Marxists. The Frankfurt schools Marxists that should be exposed ( short list) Herbert Marcuse , Max Horkheimer, Theodore Adorno and Antonio Gramsci . These guys thought long and hard every day of their lives on the topic of destroying the United States. AOC and her ilk are the fruit of their labors. If you have a child in college check the so called research of the facualty , it’s usally posted. Check for words in the titles like Theory and Critical as a start….. it’s monolithic.

  3. The Justice Democrats – look this POC up! – helped elected 7 communist America-Haters to congress. We call them radical leftists. They are (don’t count on the spelling to be correct – and frankly I couldn’t carless!)

    Raul Grajalva

    Ron Conna

    Ion Presley – JD actress

    Pramilla Jiapal

    Rashida Klyb – J.D. actress

    Ilhan Omar

    A.O.C. – J.D. actress

    3 of those were actually auditioned for the “part” of Congressman. They are not even real.

    A.O.C. is scripted. Her words might as well come out of the mouth of Uncle Karl himself. The core values of the Justice Democrats are a blend of 1911 Young Turks (look it up!), Soviet Communism, NSDAP (Naziism – nationalist socialism) and Anti Colonialist Radical Indian (India). They Hate America (as a colonial state) and ALL Western (Christian) Civilization.

    The Next time you hear AOC speak keep in mind; that little bug-eyed air-head schill is not who is speaking but rather Alexandra Rojas and Saikat Chakrabarti. Look them up!

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