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Watch: Is Denmark Socialist?

Socialism has failed across the world – from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to China, Vietnam, North Korea and, most recently, Venezuela. So now the left references countries like Denmark as “proof” that socialism works. Otto Brons-Petersen explains why they’re wrong: Denmark is just as capitalist as the United States. Watch: Transcript: I am a citizen of Denmark, the ...

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Preferred Pronouns or Prison

“He.” “She.” “They.” Have you ever given a moment’s thought to your everyday use of these pronouns? It has probably never occurred to you that those words could be misused. Or that doing so could cost you your business or your job – or even your freedom. Journalist Abigail Shrier explains how this happened and why it’s become a major ...

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Watch: The Left Destroys Everything it Touches

From the Boy Scouts to literature, from the arts to universities: the left ruins everything it touches as Dennis Prager explains. Watch: Transcript: The Left Ruins Everything From the Boy Scouts to literature, from the arts to universities: the left ruins everything it touches. Dennis Prager explains.Take the QuizTranscriptStudy Guide If what I am about to tell you is true, ...

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Ocasio-Cortez Has No Idea What Capitalism or Socialism Actually Are

Economists agree: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not understand socialism or capitalism and at South by Southwest, a liberal gathering, she proved it. Andy Puzder explains the two economic systems and how Alexandra has it so wrong. Content created by Conservative Daily News and some content syndicated through CDN is available for re-publication without charge under the Creative Commons license. Visit our syndication ...

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Sex Matters

Are the differences between men and women biological or socially constructed? What do women want from a relationship? What do men want? Are they the same? Or are they much different? Sean McDowell, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Biola University sorts it all out in this eye-opening video. Transcript Have you ever pushed a beach ball underwater? What ...

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Can You Go a Day Without Fossil Fuels?

What would life be like without products derived from fossil fuels? “Can You Go A Day Without Fossil Fuels” is a re-publication of Life: Powered’s “Energy Powers Life.” The video shows just how engrained fossil fuels are in everyday life. It’s not just gasoline and natural gas.  Petroleum-based compounds are everywhere. What becomes immediately obvious is that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s threat ...

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Watch: Capitalism vs. Socialism

Decades after capitalism seemed to have triumphed over socialism, politicians are once again arguing about the merits and drawbacks of these opposing economic systems. Why are we still having this debate? Andy Puzder, former CEO of the parent company of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., explains the misconceptions that keep the debate alive. Watch: Transcript Capitalism versus socialism. We can sum ...

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Is Harvard Racist?

Harvard University’s admissions policy is proof that one can remember negative history, write about it in great and vivid detail, and still be doomed to repeat it. In the name of “affirmative action” and “diversity,” Harvard is doing to Asian-American applicants exactly what it once did to Jewish applicants: discriminate. Lee Cheng explains. Watch: Transcript: Can you imagine, in this ...

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What Made George Washington Great?

There would have never been a United States of America without George Washington. John Rhodehamel, author of “George Washington: The Wonder of the Age,” details how Washington successfully guided the budding nation through war and nurtured her in peace. Watch: Transcript: It’s hard to imagine there would have been a United States of America without George Washington. He was there ...

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Watch: What It Takes to Become a Millionaire

What’s the difference between America’s millionaires and the rest of us? Chris Hogan, author of Everyday Millionaires, and his research team interviewed over 10,000 millionaires to find out, and what they discovered exploded a number of common myths. Watch: Transcript: “He’s a millionaire.” Even today that phrase has a magical ring to it. And what image do you see? Probably ...

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How the Reformation Shaped Your World

Can one man change the world? The life and work of Martin Luther prove the answer to that question is an unqualified, “yes.” Stephen Cornils of the Wartburg Theological Seminary details the rebellion that fractured a centuries-old religion and changed the course of history. Watch: Transcript Five hundred years ago, on October 31, 1517, a German Catholic monk by the ...

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Watch: Why You Should Be a Nationalist

It’s undeniable: Around the world, nationalism is on the march, and the media and reigning political elites would have you believe this is a dangerous disaster in the making. So, why is Yoram Hazony, author of The Virtue of Nationalism, unafraid? Transcript Britain votes to leave the European Union. The United States elects a president who says he’ll put “America ...

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Why Does America Spend So Much on Israel?

With so much that must be done at home in the United States, why does America send so much of its resources to Israel? It’s a fair question, but according to U.S. Gen Chuck Wald, America doesn’t spend enough on Israel. Transcript Why do we spend so much money on Israel? Over my decades of military service, as the Deputy ...

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