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Students Who Support Socialism, Wouldn’t … if Their Property Were Being Redistributed

Several University students supported socialism when initially asked, but the response changed drastically when they were asked if the fruits of their hard work at school should become the property of the people.

Campus Reform, in a recent video, asked Florida International University students their views on socialism, and some said they prefer socialism over capitalism.


“Socialism is more geared toward helping the people in your, um, you know, the governed,” a student replied.

But students felt differently when asked about sharing the fruits of the hard work. Specifically, Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips asked those with high GPAs how they would feel if they had to give some of their points to people at the bottom.

“It would be kind of like hypocritical for me to say no,” one student responded.

“No, I wouldn’t sacrifice my own things, like sacrifice my own time, to help somebody else who, um, didn’t want to make those same sacrifices,” another student said.

“You’re basically profiting off of my work for you, so who’s really the bad guy here?” a different student said.

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-ME), both avowed socialists, believe that the reason more Americans don’t support socialism is that they don’t understand it. Mr. Phillips put it in the clearest terms possible and it looks like the more people understand the failed ideology, the less they like it.

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One Comment

  1. It’s amazing how it’s always okay to go with the cliché of socialism that “everything is free. It’s what makes socialism such an easy sell. When an individual hears that he can get “free” Value he is all for that ecause he sees it as a personal betterment of his own life – individually.

    But socialism is a collective mindset that is opposed to individualism – equal benefits to UNEQUAL sacrifice. Justice (an element of Truth that we are all hardwired into) is broken in a collective! When free in the collective is connected directly to the unjustness of sacrifice the individual suddenly has the opposite reaction to the free that he must sacrifice to.

    But this takes BRAINS to understand without actually experiencing that dynamics yourself. The reticle of the collective is always away from the audience toward some bad guy Greedy rich person. Collectivism is entirely dependent upon ENVY, Covetousness and Jealousy; also deadly sins.

    Funny how the members of the collective are all for the collective until they are faced with the inescapable fact that they are, themselves, INDIVIDUALS! Then they begin to get a vague glimpse of just how ANTI-HUMAN any collective is!

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