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Woman Who Lost Her Son Tells CNN’s Jim Acosta That He Owes Angel Moms A Fair Interview

Sabine Durden, whose son Dominic was killed by an illegal immigrant, said she approached CNN’s Jim Acosta and told him he owes angel mothers a fair interview.

Durden was invited to the oval office and said she had a run in with the CNN White House correspondent, during her appearance on “Fox & Friends” Monday.

“Besides being with the president, that was my second favorite part of it. Acosta would have ignored us angel moms. He would have just packed up but I got up real quick and accosted him. And called him out on his lies and asked him when he’s going to have us on,” she said.

“And as you notice I’m not standing next to him. I didn’t want to be his little prop for a 30 second shot. He owes angel moms, a lot of us. He owes us a real interview, because CNN had me on maybe three years ago, three years, nothing, no angel mom. And it doesn’t have to be me. It could be anybody. But he makes it about himself and when I told him what I felt and how I felt about him he again talked about himself, how much he loved us and put his hand over his heart and how he felt for us. And then he turned it into, well the president calls us fake news. And I told him, yeah I agree with him.”

Dominic was killed back in 2012 when an illegal immigrant hit him with a truck, while he was riding his motorcycle to work. He was only 30 years old.

“Dominic was the love of life. My only child. He was 30 years old. We called him German chocolate. He was working for the Riverside’s sheriff’s department as a 911 dispatcher and he was also a pilot working for the fire department. And on July 12, 2012, at 5:45 in the morning he was on his way to work on his motorcycle, when an illegal alien with two felonies, two DUIs and, he received probation each time, turned his unlicensed and unregistered truck right in front of Dominic, killed him instantly,” she said.

“The hardest part was that the DA and the judge in Riverside county, California, they knew him, gave him a deal of misdemeanor without gross negligence and he received nine months, five years probation and served only 35 days.”

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  1. Acosta is an enemy of Professional Journalism. He has no business masquerading as a News Reporter…he is an Agena-driven ideologue who is dedicated to the Progressive Left and to all who might be an opponant of the Left. He also is more thin-skinned than President Trump or even past President Obama (but this is true of most making believe they are legitimate News Reporters). If todays so-called “news” people had been the ones operating in 1776, there is no way that the Founding Fathers would have given the Press the privileges they received at that time. The vast majority of “news” people today are really Public Relations Hacks falsely labeled as “reporters.” They are no such thing. They couldn’t write a story including the “Who,” “What,” “Where,” ” Why,” “When,” and “How” while leaving out every adjective if they were promised a million dollars to do it. They are frauds.

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