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Judge Napolitano Discusses The One Thing He Thinks Andrew McCabe Got Right

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe was right to recommend a special counsel to look into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“The evidence in my view of [Clinton’s] guilt is overwhelming,” Napolitano said Thursday on “Fox & Friends.”

Napolitano said McCabe has made mistakes but was right to push for a deeper investigation into Clinton’s possible criminal violations during her time as Secretary of State.

“You know, Andrew McCabe, for all of his credibility problems did say something that was very interesting. I don’t know if he said this at this time. There ought to have been a special counsel for Hillary Clinton.”

Napolitano also said the case should have been separated from other elements of the Obama administration and looked into independently.

“It should have been separated from Jim Comey and separated from Loretta Lynch who had been appointed by Barack Obama,” he said.

President Donald Trump criticized McCabe on Wednesday while speaking to reporters alongside Austria’s chancellor Sebastian Kurz and called him a “disaster,” while referring to him as “a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover.”

“Well, I think Andrew McCabe has made a fool out of himself over the last couple of days. He really looks to me like sort of a poor man’s J. Edgar Hoover. I think it’s a disaster. And what he was trying to do was terrible and he was caught,” Trump said. “I’m very proud to say we caught him. So we’ll see what happens. But he’s a disgraced man. He was terminated not by me. He was terminated by others.”

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