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Scarborough Says Supreme Court Will Decide If Trump Can Be Indicted Or Not

Joe Scarborough said The Supreme Court will have to examine whether or not President Donald Trump can be indicted, if it’s discovered he used illegal means to win the presidency.

“You know, the important thing to remember, Mika, as we’re talking about whether you can indict a president or not is what Joyce Vance just said,” Scarborough declared.

“If the indictment pertains to illegal activities that got you elected President of The United States or may have not you elected President of The United States, then the Supreme Court has to look at that differently. Because if you’re willing to say that a president cannot be indicted and that president is president only because of illegal activities, then suddenly you really do. [sic]”

Scarborough then compared America’s laws about indicting a president to a banana republic and said the Supreme Court has no choice but to clear a path for Trump’s indictment.

“This is where the banana republic part comes in,” he continued. “Then it becomes is banana republic where somebody committing illegal acts say, ‘I can do whatever I want to do. I can commit whatever felonies I want to commit as long as I get elected President of The United States they cannot indict me.’ That is not an American principle.”

“Mika, the American principle is, no man is above the law. No woman is above the law,” Scarborough added.

“That’s why I believe this Supreme Court if faced with this question, I think they are going to be faced with this question, ultimately will have to decide that this president has to be indicted because of the connection with the crimes which actually helped him get elected.”

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  1. Indict Obama

    Indict G.W. Bush

    Indict Billy Rodham C.

    Indict G.H.W. Bush.

    Indict Jimmy Carter.

    C’mon Hypocrites – There is plenty of evidence they’ve all broken the law – Especially the Constitution!

    They are ALL liars and Oath Breakers and many have committed outright TREASON!!!

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