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Watch: Facebook Purge of Dissenting Voices Could Lead To Its Demise

Alex Jones has been banned, the Mind Unleashed disappears, Diamond and Silk got hit…

Will Facebook’s continued purge of dissenting voices on the platform lead to its demise?

Investigative journalist Ben Swann thinks so:

But, maybe the fall of Facebook has been in the cards for a while. Facebook’s own employees now fear that the “golden years are over.”

“There are some who are discouraged,” said one Facebook source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the situation inside the company. “Facebook has always been the golden child,” they said, adding that employees are reeling from realizing those days are over.

Mark Zuckerberg’s empire is crumbling. Younger users don’t like it, multiple privacy and data breach scandals have eroded trust, and continued bias against conservatives and libertarians continue to turn it into an echo chamber for the left.

Teens and millennials have long shied away from Facebook. The younger generations see the social media behemoth more for their parents and grandparents than for them.

Facebook also made a set of changes to highlight social content over news posts. This elevated the platform to the king of cat videos while quieting debate.

The social media giant’s algorithm was also blamed for hiding content not in-line with progressive ideology, something that has pushed independents, conservatives and libertarians away from the platform.

Not to be outdone, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey walked back a pro-free speech statement Wednesday.

Dorsey had previously said that some conspiracy theorists had not been banned from the platform because they hadn’t broken any rules. After his own employees bashed him for the comment, it appears that he will join Facebook in squelching voices with which the left disagrees.

The largest social media outlets may be free, but they are not “free.”

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. When you walk in the cess-pit you get shit between your toes!

    I have friends – I mean ACTUAL friends; that I interact with face to face, on the phone and, yes, on FREE RANGE email, where I can say whatever I want but choose discretion because our relationships are based on SUBSTANCE that is not found in the TECHNO-FEUDAL ESTATE! – who fester away copious amounts of TIME with NUMBERS of apparently emotionally starved, potty-trained-too-young, so called Friends! I tell them, upon the overture that I DO NOT and WILL NOT E-V-E-R have a facebook (twitter, google, etc.) page, that this is the socialist communists global DREAM where the lords of the manor continually exercise their “Natural Superiority” over the rest of us bickering, EMO children who are ever delete each other!!!

    They argue that in spite of the drawbacks of being a SERF it’s a great venue for spreading their conservative values. Really? So it doesn’t bother any of them that facebook passively condones the pornography some of its subscribers regularly share but will ban you for talking about guns. Will do nothing substantial to stop child pornography and pedophilia but will ban you if you demonstrate “hate” (the proper and natural abhorrence) against a women who murders her own unborn child. Facebook defines terms of hate, racism, etc according to the lexicon of the left – not out of the Truth!

    Americans moved off of the front porch long ago. Remember the front porch where you displayed your affection for your community by actually greeting your neighbors as the strolled by? Now we sit in the “privacy” of the back deck and patio – and HATE each other! Facebook and all of the social media is the back deck invisibly connected thru a filter system that purges the goodness of human nature and leaves only the selfish, self-centered wantonness! Where “friends” are simply an unknown quantum to bicker with. The hypocrisy of facebook is that it bans hate speech but promotes individual hatred!

    Twitter and all the rest of this community petrification process are NO better!

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