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Facebook Drops A Bomb On Mueller Day, Tucks It Away In An Update To An Old Blog Post

Facebook admitted Thursday night in an updated post from March that the company released millions of additional users Instagram passwords. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s update was published on the same day that U.S. Attorney General William Barr published special counsel Robert Mueller’s report into Russian election meddling. The company acknowledged that millions of additional exposed Instagram passwords were recently discovered. The ...

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Trump’s Team Targets Boomers On Facebook, Bernie Doubles Down On Millennials

President Donald Trump’s campaign team is targeting the bulk of its Facebook ads this upcoming election season on Americans who are 65 years old and older, Axios reported Tuesday. Trump is spending roughly 44 percent of its Facebook ad budget on the boomer generation. Democratic candidates, meanwhile are only spending 27 percent of their budgets on older generations, the report ...

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‘It’s Sort Of Unethical’: Zuckerberg Reportedly Weaponized Facebook To Help Pals And Punish Enemies

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leveraged users’ personal data to help friends of the Silicon Valley giant and punish the company’s competitors, NBC News reported Tuesday, citing leaked documents. More than 4,000 pages of documents, which include internal emails and web presentations, show how Zuckerberg and other executives used privacy data as leverage over competitors, the report notes. In one case ...

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Twitter Drops SPLC Following Controversy. But What About Facebook And Google?

Southern Poverty Law Center

Twitter distanced itself from the Southern Poverty Law Center following reports suggesting that the group scams liberal donors out of money. Facebook has not yet revealed whether it plans on ending its partnership with the group. Twitter appears to one of the only big tech companies in Silicon Valley to completely divorce itself from the SPLC, an Alabama-based group that ...

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AOC Gives Up Facebook Because Social Media Is Bad. Fortunately, Her Instagram Has 3 Million Followers

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said in an interview Sunday that she will no longer be using Facebook because social media poses a “public health risk,” but the Democratic representative still retains use of her gigantic followings on Twitter and Instagram. Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has used social media significantly to her political advantage thus far, but she announced Sunday in ...

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UK Seeks To Protect Children On Social Media By Banning Likes

The United Kingdom is taking steps to protect children’s privacy on social media by banning ‘nudge tactics’ which encourage users to spend more time online. The Information Commissioner’s Office provided the document “Age appropriate design: a code of practice for online services” which explains that the U.K. wants to protect children within the internet rather than to ban children from ...

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Women’s March Launches Petition To Ban Trump From Twitter And Facebook

Left-wing activist group Women’s March on Saturday launched a petition demanding Twitter and Facebook ban President Donald Trump from their platforms. The petition accuses Trump of “inciting violence” against Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar by tweeting a video that spliced a comment she made about the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with footage from the attacks. Trump did not share ...

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Facebook Shakes Up Board, Dings Exec Who Once Threatened Peter Thiel For Supporting Trump

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will not be renominated to Facebook’s board of directors when the members meet in May for the company’s annual stockholder’s meeting, Facebook announced Friday night. The move comes less than three years after Hastings told fellow board member Peter Thiel that he intended to slam the PayPal co-founder’s performance review over his endorsement of President Donald ...

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New Zealand Official Accuses ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Facebook Of Promoting Genocide

A New Zealand  public official accused Facebook Sunday of enabling a genocide in Myanmar as the Silicon Valley giant struggles to explain how a shooter was able to use one of the company’s features to videotape his killing spree. Facebook is a “morally bankrupt” company that “cannot be trusted,” New Zealand privacy commissioner John Edwards said on Twitter. The social ...

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UN Investigator Says Mark Zuckerberg Didn’t Do Enough To Prevent Genocide In Myanmar

United Nation investigators believe Facebook is not doing enough to tamp down social media posts that promote hatred of a group of people who are being driven out of Southeast Asia, Gizmodo reported Thursday. “I think there has been meaningful and significant change from Facebook, but it’s not nearly sufficient,” Christopher Sidoti, a a member of a UN team that ...

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Facebook Pays The Daily Telegraph To Write Articles Praising … Facebook

In attempts to subvert media criticism, Facebook has now hired The Daily Telegraph to run a series of articles praising Facebook. Business Insider reports that Facebook has partnered with The Daily Telegraph to feature stories defending the company from topics it has recently gotten into hot water with, such as terrorist content, cyber bullying, and hate speech. This series of ...

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Mark Zuckerberg Takes Another Crack At Making Facebook A Hub For News

Facebook is considering jumping into news curation, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday night in a video posted on the company’s platform. Such a service would be fused into Facebook’s platform and would rely on third-party publishers to provide the content,  Zuckerberg told Mathias Döpfner, CEO of German publisher Axel Springer. Facebook significantly altered its newsfeed in 2018 to downplay the ...

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HUD Is Also Probing Twitter And Google For Housing Discrimination Practices

Federal officials alerted Twitter and Google in 2018 that they are peering into the tech giants’ business practices for possible housing discrimination, The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing anonymous sources. Reports about the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s decision to alert the two Silicon Valley companies comes hours after officials charged Facebook with housing discrimination. Facebook’s targeting tools enable ...

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Are ‘Rogue’ Agents At Facebook Responsible For A Security Lapse Exposing User Passwords?

Internet Privacy

Tech analysts are scrutinizing Facebook after recent reports reveal the social media company left millions of passwords open to staff members. Facebook violated fundamental computer-security practices, analysts say after the company confirmed that millions of passwords readily available to staff. Basic security practices require organizations and website hold sensitive information in a scrambled form that makes it virtually impossible to ...

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Facebook Reveals How New Zealand Shooter’s Livestream Video Went Viral

The New Zealand’s shooter’s video flew across the platform in record time despite receiving fewer than 200 total views during the live broadcast, Facebook noted in a blog post Monday night. “Before we were alerted … a user on [troll site] 8-chan posted a link to a copy of the video on a file-sharing site,” Facebook stated in the post. ...

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