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Author Of New Book ‘Zucked’ Says Facebook’s Mission Is To Make People ‘Angry And Afraid’

Roger McNamee, author of the new book “Zucked,” appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday and said Facebook seeks to make people “angry and afraid.” “Here’s the really important thing, to recognize that it’s going on is the first step. And to recognize that you do not need to give them as much attention as you give them today,” he said. ...

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Facebook Removes More Pages Tied To Infowars’ Alex Jones After Policy Change

Facebook removed more than 20 pages tied to Internet provocateur Alex Jones and InfoWars Tuesday after the Silicon Valley giant updated its policies to prevent banned accounts from resurfacing in different forms. The company’s decision comes several months after the company banned four of Jones’ pages August — Twitter and YouTube followed shortly thereafter. Facebook changed its “recidivism policy” in January, which ...

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Facebook Breaks Out The Big Guns As Zuckerberg Wards Off Regulators

Facebook is using company executives to personally answer questions from policy makers about the nature of the social media giant’s data sharing empire, Axios reported Tuesday. The platform typically uses lobbyists for this kind of work. The company’s vice president of products partnerships, Ime Archibong, is meeting with House and Senate staffers Tuesday to provide them with information about the ...

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Twitter And Facebook Ding Network Of Accounts Tied To Russia And Iran

Facebook and Twitter said they coordinated efforts ahead of the 2018 elections to remove thousands of accounts tied to foreign governments that used similar tactics as were used in 2016, NBC reported Thursday. The Russian operation mirrored the operation undertook by the Internet Research Agency, an organization indicted for spreading misinformation before the 2016 election. The ploy in 2018 was less ...

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Facebook Expands Ad Monitoring Technology Ahead Of Upcoming Elections

Facebook is preparing to build up programs around the world that will focus on preventing campaign meddling and tamp out misinformation efforts as various elections ramp-up, Axios reported Monday. The company has struggled in recent years to get ahead of instances where people have engaged in campaigns to misinform American voters. Regulators are also breathing down Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ...

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More Than 1,000 Media Jobs Were Cut In One Day. Is Facebook To Blame?

BuzzFeed is among several media outlets that laid off employees on Wednesday as experts worry that the blood bath is likely far from over. Tech expert Eric Schiffer says Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets are torching digital journalism and act as a type of “rat poison for journalism jobs.”  BuzzFeed’s layoffs are causing tech experts to consider pushing ...

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Hospitals Guard Prices Like the CIA Guards Secrets

Way back in 2017, before we were on the Road to Nuremberg With Donald Trump, the Washington Post was outraged that hospitals were trying to make a profit. Like most stories involving reporters, economics and healthcare it was both wildly inaccurate and agenda–driven. Adam Zyglis The Buffalo News NY The story’s one useful service was it introduced the public to ...

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Generation Z Dominates YouTube While Other Generations Prefer Facebook

The websites people use most varies among generations, a new survey finds. The data shows that Amazon’s user experience ranks high among all generations, though, and online navigation proficiency has improved overall.   All but some of the youngest consumers spend most of their social media time on Facebook. For those age 18 to 24, also known as “Generation Z,” ...

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Here’s The New Twist Facebook Says Russia Is Putting On A Revamped Misinformation Campaign

Facebook removed several hundreds of pages and accounts originating in Russian that pretended to be pages from Eastern European countries. The sites were operated by employees from Sputnik. Russia might be using its state-run media to create fake posts that appear to emanate from real newsrooms elsewhere, Facebook notes. The company dinged 364 pages and accounts from the Baltics, Central ...

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Facebook’s New Rules Ban Employees From Changing Colleagues Minds

Facebook is creating new rules limiting employee’s ability to change colleagues’ minds about politics and religion, Business Insider reported Tuesday, citing internal documents reflecting the change. The rules prohibit bullying, bans attempts to change employee’s politics or religion, and outlaw harassing speech, an internal Facebook memo said Monday. Employees have described the Silicon Valley company’s internal dealings in recent reports ...

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Democratic Operatives Used Misleading Facebook Pages To Suppress GOP Turnout In Midterms

Democratic operatives, led by a former Obama official, bought ads on misleading Facebook pages to suppress GOP turnout in the midterm elections. The pages appear to be designed to give the impression that they were operated by disgruntled conservatives rather than Democratic operatives. The operatives were funded by left-wing billionaire Reid Hoffman, who previously funded a “false flag” effort in the ...

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Another Facebook Page Backed By Billionaire Dem Behind Alabama False Flag Under Investigation

Facebook is investigating whether an organization that billionaire and Democratic moneyman Reid Hoffman backed during the midterms violated the Silicon Valley company’s policies, The Washington Post reported Monday. Facebook’s investigation targets News for Democracy, whose Facebook ads were viewed millions of times during the 2018 midterm elections, the report notes, citing an analysis by New York University. This is the second ...

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The NYT Bought Facebook Ads Encouraging Users To Delete Their Accounts

Facebook executives are angry at The New York Times for what they believe is unfair reporting about the company, NBC reported Friday, according to sources. The news comes as the paper is getting dinged for posting advertisements on Facebook telling users how to delete the platform. The NYT ads give Facebook users a step-by-step guide on how to slowly pull ...

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Here’s How The Government Shutdown Could Create More Headaches For Facebook

The government shutdown is threatening to derail a Federal Trade Commission investigation into Facebook’s use of people’s private information, The Washington Post reported Friday, citing former government officials. The FTC has been investigating whether the company violated a consent order it made in 2011 promising to notify people when their private information is handled by outside parties. Funding for the ...

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