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President Trump at PA Rally: ‘Catch and Release Is for Stupid People’

President Donald Trump reconfirmed his opinion that catch and release is a terrible policy in remarks he made Thursday to the crowd at a Make America Great Again rally in Pennsylvania.

Talking about immigration law, Trump attacked catch and release, the policy of releasing an immigrant into the community while he or she awaits hearings in immigration court, instead of holding them in immigration detention.

“So catch and release, you catch em now you take his name and then you release him,” the president exclaimed. “And he’s supposed to show up to a court hearing.”

“We have to change a thing called catch and release, this is like for stupid people, catch and release, he said. “Somebody walks across the border they put their foot in – they’re not even two feet just one foot and you might as well say ‘welcome to the United States we’ll never get you outta here, okay?'”

Trump also addressed suggestions from Congressional lawmakers urging the administration to hire thousands of judges to deal with the court backlog of immigration cases, which was highlighted during the zero-tolerance policy enforcement at the southern border which sometimes included family separation. Trump said no way he’s hiring a thousand judges, just imagine the corruption that could take place. Trump instead suggest we need to get Border Patrol agents.

“Remember about a month ago I said no? They want me to hire thousands of judges thousands can you imagine the corruption that would take place? You’re hiring thousands, you go into a barbershop, “anybody want to be a judge, we need judges” They want me to hire thousands of judges. I said we don’t need judges we need Border Patrol.  We need Border Patrol.”

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Brady Kenyon

Brady is a contributing writer for Conservative Daily News.

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