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About 300 People Arrested In The Mississippi Immigration Sting Have Been Released, Officials Say

About 300 of the 680 illegal aliens arrested at food-processing plant stings in Mississippi Wednesday have been released, officials said Thursday. The number of arrests were “record-setting,” according to NPR. About 300 of those arrested were released on either humanitarian grounds or after being processed by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for ...

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ICE Forced To Release 160,000 Illegal Migrants Families Since December

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), unable to maintain its overcrowded detention centers, has released over 160,000 migrant families into the interior of the U.S. in the past five months. “ICE faces resource challenges with regard to the adult population, and it faces additional legal and policy challenges when it comes to enforcing our immigration laws as they relate to family ...

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The Trump Appointee Who Believed Trump

The suggestion that the Trump administration release illegal aliens in sanctuary cities was the inspiration of Deputy White House Policy Coordinator May Davis. Broaching this idea indicates that Davis is either very courageous or never plans on eating an undisturbed restaurant meal in the DC area again. Davis’ inspiration is a brilliantly creative example of political jujitsu. It takes what ...

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Trump Administration Returns to Catch And Release

The Trump administration announced Tuesday it would no longer detain select migrant families who illegally cross the border in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. The change is a result of crowded detention facilities, according to The Wall Street Journal, and represents a reversal of the administration’s previous commitment to end “catch-and-release” practices, calling for “catch-and-detain” instead. The administration has struggled ...

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President Trump at PA Rally: ‘Catch and Release Is for Stupid People’

Donald Trump rally 7-31-18 tampa florida -2

President Donald Trump reconfirmed his opinion that catch and release is a terrible policy in remarks he made Thursday to the crowd at a Make America Great Again rally in Pennsylvania. Talking about immigration law, Trump attacked catch and release, the policy of releasing an immigrant into the community while he or she awaits hearings in immigration court, instead of holding them ...

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Right vs. Left: The two proposals to end illegal alien family separation

Democrats and Republicans have two very different answers to end child separations that occur when adults are charged with illegally entering the United States. One seeks to strengthen enforcement of immigration law the other hopes to continue the last administration’s policy of just ignoring it. How Illegal Alien Child Separation occurs There are only a small set of cases in ...

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White House: What You Need To Know About President Donald J. Trump’s Efforts To End Catch And Release

The White House issued a statement Monday highlighting President Donald Trump’s actions to end “catch and release” as it relates to illegal immigration. WHAT: President Trump directed his Administration to end catch and release and enhance immigration enforcement efforts. On Friday, the President signed a Memorandum directing his Administration to promptly submit reports laying out what further steps are needed ...

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White House: What You Need to Know About ‘Catch and Release’

The White House put out a press release Monday afternoon detailing what’s known as “catch and release” as it pertains to border enforcement. From the office of the press secretary: WHAT: Our immigration system continues to encourage and allow an influx of aliens to illegally cross our borders and resettle in American communities. Porous borders, legal loopholes, and insufficient immigration ...

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