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It’s Time To Stop Allowing Liberals To Determine The Conversation

If it’s acceptable for liberals to vote for a Supreme Court justice who is pro-abortion, why isn’t it acceptable for conservatives to want a justice who is pro-life?

Why is it that only liberals’ ideas and policy positions are acceptable? Why is it that an accomplished, Catholic, female, law professor from Norte Dame has to take insulting and nasty comments about Catholic dogma from a Jewish Senator, due only to the professor being pro-life? And considering that the anti-abortion/pro-life position has long been the tradition of our entire society, why should conservatives accept the deviant position of abortion, any time, anywhere, funded by taxpayers, as a standard?

Now that we have Donald Trump in the White House, and now that we see him every day poking liberal dogma in the eye and getting away with it, it’s about time that Republicans grew some backbone and began fighting back at prejudiced, liberal/socialist ideas.

President Trump’s appointees for the vacant justice seat on the Supreme Court need not apologize for being pro-life or capitalists or patriotic Americans. With all of the news about Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of babies they have aborted, and treating the sale of the body parts as a legitimate business, it’s time that conservatives threw these things back at anti-American, leftist, Senators during the times when official interviews and hearings are held. I’d be willing to bet that there are many Democrats who have never heard that Planned Parenthood is doing such horrendous things, and the hearings of Supreme Court appointees would be a good time to make these things public knowledge.

And take any liberal position, for example the legalization of marijuana: Why in the world do we need another, new and additional legal intoxicant with which to trap our young people into a lifetime of dependence? It might be worthwhile to confront the idiocy of legalizing another drug with which to escape the daily hum-drum responsibilities of life and tell liberals to man-up, face reality and do what must be done to support themselves and their families, and stop trying to find a new escape from the realities of life.

I get sick of watching conservatives take the defensive position on any and all issues and attempt to defend themselves for being good, patriotic people, and all because the leftist press will rip conservatives to shreds unless they buckle under and at least give lip service to liberal positions. We have nothing to apologize for, as Trump’s successful policies have shown, as he moves forward and reverses all of Obama’s unconstitutional rules and regulations. We need to follow the leadership of our president and take the initiative for a change. I believe the mass of Americans are ready to follow if they understand the seriousness of the issues and hear the true difference between right and wrong policies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. This, like so many things in life, has a simple yet powerful principle at its core; every human being has an intrinsic knowledge of good and evil. Every human being HATES these three words most of all; “you are wrong”. No man believes he is wrong until the Truth tells him he is wrong – they may knowingly do bad things but they always have the “justification” argument to make themselves right. Humans avoid, above everything else, being wrong and some human beings are willing to die for what they believe is right.

    Brainless “children” who don’t know what they know unless somebody good with words tells them what they “know” flock to the lies on the simple unction to be RIGHT. They buy the Left’s lies because it sounds “good” and “right” and they will ignorantly defend their “rightness” – even shunning critical thought lest they discover they are WRONG!

    Arguing with them on a level of critical thought is pointless! And I won’t. If we cannot have a civil discourse then I consider the opposition to be in ASSAULT mode and will dismiss them summarily. They may very well go to hell for all I care!!! Unbelief in the Truth IS the unpardonable sin – because you have to come to know you are wrong before you can turn to the Truth to know you are right.

    Oh, it is all that very simple!

  2. To Dave King,

    Look, complaining about the actions of others has been a time honored custom for generations. But it leaves you personally vulnerable. I don’t see you in the tabloids, or news services, arguing with socialists, and then winning the argument.

    Other people aren’t your surrogates. Get some backbone and do it yourself. And don’t get snippy about what you think I should know about you. I bluntly don’t give a tinkers damn.

    Like I said, show up publicly in the news, displaying your “fight back”, then I’ll stop with this kind of comment. I’m not entitiled to the actions of others, and neither are you.

    If you want to provide a cosmic scream, do it where I don’t have to hear you, like under a large body of salty water.

    But declaring others bad boys because your idea is better, is childish.

    Put up yourself, or shut the hell up!

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