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The Party Of Planned Parenthood Is Not A Family-Friendly Party

The Democrat party, which supports Planned Parenthood with its abortions and its harvesting of baby body parts, doesn’t care a whit about family togetherness and family enjoyment, and obviously has no feeling for families being separated by government edict, as is occasionally happening at our southern border.

Democrats are a party that follows the orders of its political rulers, and the liberal press dutifully reports the news it’s told to report. That’s why, two weeks ago, we knew nothing about illegal immigrant families being “torn apart” at our southern border, because at that point the history of this practice was all on Barack Obama, and today these separations are the only news that’s being reported by the liberal press because Donald Trump is now President and the same policies that Obama used with no notice from the press, are now major issues with the liberal elites in America. The liberal press just found a wedge issue to use against Trump, and the truth of the border problems is no more complicated than that. (RELATED: Democrats, moderate Republicans and the media have misjudged voters on the alien family separation mess)

Forget North Korean nukes aimed at Hawaii, all the left cares about is opposing President Trump and his efforts to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. The left opposes Trump and his attempts to halt illegal immigration for two reasons:

1) They need to replace the black voter, whose vote the Democrat party has depended on for the last 40 years, but who have recently realized the harm that liberalism has done to them and their families, and the replacement voters will be unemployed, poorly educated immigrants that the Democrat party will promise to house and feed in exchange for their vote.
2) Poor, uneducated immigrants are an easy weapon with which to criticize President Trump as he tries to keep his campaign promise to stop this illegal flow of invaders out of our country.

Liberal Senator Chuck Schumer publicly offered Trump the use of his pen with which to sign an order reversing the President’s zero-tolerance policy, much like President Obama used his pen and phone to unilaterally and dictatorially issue illegal orders to a formally free America while he was encouraging immigrants to freely cross the border and pass into our country. But the actions of President Trump since he took office such as reversing the personal policy preference, one man’s opinion-style executive orders of Barack Obama, has demonstrated how easily an executive order can be undone by the next president. Trump insists that Congress pass laws that will correct defective immigration policy via official congressional legislation, and he will not undermine the American constitution in the bargain with additional executive orders overriding real laws.

We can totally discount the pretend outrage of Democrats at this alleged tearing-apart of immigrant families because President Obama did worse things during his administration and the Democrats never raised the alarm nor otherwise showed any concern for the actions of the former president who swore to “fundamentally transform America”. What we see today is exactly the fundamental transformation that Obama intended with his radical, anti-America promise.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. WEll, what we see is perhaps the biggest hypocrisy of all – the use of children to deliver an emotional falsehood in the face of 61 million unborn children who were separated from THEIR families , F-O-R-E-V-E-r!!!! And the use of hard earned, God fearing, American tax dollars to do much of it!

    But that’s different – according to these same LIARS. That is nothing more than invasive tissues that got where they were thru no fault of their own! You can’t get pregnant by osmosis!

    Break the lamp, raise the torch, and blow the trumpet! They shall destroy themselves

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