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Democrats: The Original Dumb And Dumber

In case you haven’t heard the most recent pan-Democrat position, and one hopes that their position is carried into the November mid-terms and the subsequent 2020 general elections, but Democrats, all of them, think that the murderous gang of MS-13 are good people who have a “spark of divinity” and deserve respect as humans, per the expressed opinion of the idiot Nancy Pelosi. Democrats took this position in response to Donald Trump’s remark that his administration will make every effort to rid our nation of MS-13 because they are “animals”. Of course Democrats will blindly take up the opposite position to any position Trump takes, and since they originally pretended that Trump was talking about all immigrants with his “animals” remark, they tore into him and are now in too deep to admit that they too despise the MS-13 animals, so they press ahead and continue their opposition to anything he says.

What in the hell are these stupid, idiotic people in the Democrat party thinking, and what will decent American citizens do if Democrats ever take back power in Congress or, God help us all, the White House? One can almost understand how Nancy Pelosi sees a “spark of divinity” in MS13 when her party actively and happily supports and promotes abortions so a baby’s body parts can be harvested and sold to the highest bidder. On the surface of her position, one can see a logical parallel between the American lefts’ marketing of baby organs and MS13’s raping, beatings and murders. No wonder Nancy sees “divinity” in MS13; she is certain of it in herself.

And it should not be forgotten that, in the Democrats’ chosen role of dumb and dumber, the Trump presidential campaign was actively spied on by the FBI in 2016, under authority of Barack Obama, and there is clear evidence that the current special counsel investigation of our President is based on trumped-up charges and purchased documents used as FBI evidence, which set of facts is about as dangerous to our nation as anything that has ever been seen before. So Democrats plot their opponent’s defeat under the authority of the FBI and the Obama White House, while speaking kindly of murderous thugs who have invaded our nation illegally. Is American in trouble or what?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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