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What You Need To Know About The Violent Animals Of MS-13

MS-13 members

The White House described “the animals of MS-13” in a statement Monday morning. WHAT: The violent animals of MS-13 have committed heinous, violent attacks in communities across America. Too many innocent Americans have fallen victim to the unthinkable violence of MS-13s animals. At the State of the Union in January 2018, President Trump brought as his guests Elizabeth Alvarado, Robert ...

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Democrats: The Original Dumb And Dumber

In case you haven’t heard the most recent pan-Democrat position, and one hopes that their position is carried into the November mid-terms and the subsequent 2020 general elections, but Democrats, all of them, think that the murderous gang of MS-13 are good people who have a “spark of divinity” and deserve respect as humans, per the expressed opinion of the ...

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ICE Arrests 475 people in transnational ‘Operation Matador’

Twenty-four were arrested Thursday under Operation Matador, the intelligence driven, unified effort to combat the proliferation of MS-13 and other transnational criminal gang activity in Long Island, the New York City metropolitan area and Hudson Valley.  This brings the total arrested under this initiative to 475. Operation Matador, operating under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Transnational Organized Crime ...

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REPORT: MS-13 Made Comeback Through Obama’s Lax Gang Enforcement, Surge Of Unaccompanied Minors

  by Will Racke The vicious transnational gang MS-13 has enjoyed a resurgence across the U.S. thanks in part to reduced enforcement of illegal alien gang members and permissive policies toward resettling unaccompanied teenagers who arrived at the southwest border, according to an analysis released Wednesday. Though it was founded in Los Angles by Salvadoran illegal immigrants, MS-13 today is ...

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Watch: Trump says Congress should choose the side of law enforcement and the American people in weekly address 2/10/18

Donald Trump weekly address 4-7-17

President Donald Trump delivered the weekly presidential address to the nation in which he discussed the violent criminal latino gang MS-13 and its threat to American families and the terrible immigration loopholes that allow these vicious men to enter the country. “The visa lottery is something that never should have been allowed in the first place,” Trump said in the ...

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Trump Says These Two Loopholes Force US To Accept MS-13 ‘Killers’ At The Border


  by Will Racke President Donald Trump called for changes Tuesday to laws governing how young illegal immigrants are processed after being detained at the border, saying the policies force immigration authorities to resettle “killers” in the U.S. Meeting with homeland security officials and lawmakers at the White House, Trump said the reforms are needed to battle transnational criminal organizations, ...

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Watch: White House Press Briefing 2/6/18 – John Cronan and Sarah Sanders [video + transcript]

John Cronan

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is joined by Acting Assistant Attorney General John Cronan to discuss the Latino criminal gang MS-13. Full Transcript MS. SANDERS: Good afternoon. Sorry about the delay. A lot of activities here this afternoon. I’d like to start today by bringing up Acting Assistant Attorney General John Cronan. Mr. Cronan supervises the Criminal Division’s ...

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ICE’s ‘Operation Raging Bull’ nets 267 MS-13 arrests

ICE Operation Raging Bull

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials today announced the results of stepped up efforts by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the departments to target and dismantle MS-13 – culminating in the arrest of 267 in the U.S. and overseas. We will not rest until every member, associate, and leader of MS-13 ...

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Trump Speaks to Law Enforcement on MS-13 [video]

Donald Trump speaks on MS-13 to law enforcement

President Donald Trump speaks to federal, state and local law enforcement personnel about the dangers of MS-13 and the measures that must be taken to protect Americans. The president spoke about the exceptionally violent nature of the Central American gang, praised law enforcement and laid out what must be done to push them out of the country.

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