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“Ignorance-Privilege” And “Resentment-Privilege” Favor Democrats

With all of the wishful claptrap about White-Privilege, Christian-Privilege and Male- Privilege being spread by resentful Democrat leftists who would like to defame and limit the futures of anyone not on their side of the “privilege” argument, it would appear that they are using abusive words in their efforts to limit the advancement of educated, thoughtful people everywhere using this new version of name calling, as the ones launching these verbal attacks find themselves falling further behind those who strive for their personal best and work hard to be successful.

Actually these Democrats are arguing from the position of “Ignorance-Privilege” and are pretending that actual education and accomplishment are irrelevant to advancement in the real world of business and personal success. In several of my past opinion pieces I have made the point that Liberal-Privilege is the most pervasive form of privilege currently operating in America. Examples would include a recent liberal political candidate who continues to seek sympathy because she lost a presidential election that she and her liberal cohorts thought she deserved to win. And then there are politically connected people like Chelsea Clinton who was given a six-figure salary from NBC, right out of college, because NBC wanted the access she provided to the Clinton Liberal-Privileged power machine. This “privilege” was an unearned and undeserved “Liberal-Privilege” and this sort of left-leaning benefit is pervasive in today’s America and excludes all non-liberals.

One has to also recognize, but the left of course will not, that many blacks and women who have studied and polished their career skills are succeeding very nicely in America, thank you, while not being white or male, whichever the case is. But nearly all blacks and most if not all white liberals use the prefixes “black” (as in black-American) and “African” (as in African-American) because these prefixes have certain benefits associated with them that can get them better jobs or get them into better colleges that may otherwise not be available to them if they were not part of a preferred, privileged-victim class that receives preferential, privileged treatment. So we have black-American-privilege and African-American-privilege to add to the list.

And it’s also clear that this expression of the leftist’s Resentment-Privilege is intended to achieve for the uneducated and unprepared among them what they can no longer get from hard work or from our dumbed-down public education system, because today’s typical high school education only educates children to about the fourth grade level if compared to the educational standards of the 1800s. So lacking a decent education, liberals must claim that everyone else is “Privileged” if they are successful, and that successful people are operating from a position of prejudice, when actually people who are unprepared for the future will always be failures even when awarded with unearned benefits, and they’ll need an excuse for not preparing themselves for future success. This also means that today’s education standards, put in place by leftists, are limiting our children’s futures and assuring a crisis for the entire nation in the years to come.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Again, leftists, who are ensconced into the doctrine of Socialism/Communism/Illuminism, wholly reject Human Nature as a perpetually constant fact (it hasn’t changed on bit since the governed FIRST gave their consent to BE governed, perhaps 10,000 years ago)!

    Their agenda is diametrically opposed to Human Nature. Oh, they can get their way with some of the humans – for a time. Socialism – the pretty face of Communism/Illuminism – is an easy sell; “vote for us and get free lifetime care (at least until the evil white privileged run out of money – and then we might get it from you!)”. The moment communism is put in place after socialism votes for it, It DISAPPEARS!!! What is left? Illuminism; where those who have determined – because they are so much smarter than the rest of us – that they are Naturally Superior to the ordinary human being, will reveal to the governed that they are now the property of those who deserve to own the ENTIRE PLANET! Bye-bye all those wonderful promises of Utopia!!

    Hey! What do you expect from LIARS?! Anyone who trusts a liar – with the self-evident Truth that they ARE liars (“we must tell the people one thing and our supporters (the deep state behind the deep state) something completely different” (otherwise we won’t accomplish anything)) – deserves a FOOL’S reward!

    Even worse, the Left Fornicates the Truth. WELL! That’s a different topic…

    Suffice to say the Truth is the most powerful FORCE in the Universe (and crosses realms unimpeded) and it NEVER looses. If the Truth hasn’t won yet – it ain’t over!

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