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The Liberal American Press Even Lies When They Report The Actual News

When Bill Clinton, while the President of the United States, was accused of abusing women and was subsequently not only proven to be an abuser, but lied under oath to a federal court and was convicted for that lie, the liberal press dutifully reported the news and then insisted that the nation get back to the business of the people. They very quickly forgot about the intentional crimes of Clinton and about the hurt he caused various women.

But when Trump administration employee, not the president himself, but White House staffer Rob Porter was accused of abusing his former wife, the liberal press has orgasms for days on end accusing Trump of who-the-hell-knows-what, but accusing him just from pure hate for him, and they’ll keep the subject alive as long as they can.

Remember the Clinton days when the likes of James Carville and Paul Begala argued daily that what the president did in his personal life (this goes back to the Monica Lewinski event again) has nothing to do with how he conducts himself in office, and they urged that America let Clinton get back to serving them and forget his woman troubles.

But when a staffer of Donald Trump is accused of a personal, domestic action, which has nothing to do with Donald Trump nor the staffer’s work in the White House, the press will not let the subject rest, and attacks Trump personally, savagely and persistently.

When the Clinton aid Vince Foster, not only did he work for the Clinton White House, but he was a personal friend of the Clintons, was found dead in a Washington park not long after Bill Clinton became president, the press did not ride him about security checks into why Foster might have gotten into trouble to the extent that he was murdered, and what do the Clintons know but Foster’s death, and why didn’t the White House security staff know of this threatening situation and get some help to protect the president, or just get rid of Foster for having dangerous associates?

But when a Trump staffer that has no personal ties to the president is accused, simply accused, of hitting his wife, the press gives this non-news a full-court press slamming the president. If it turns out that the photo of Porter’s former wife was photo-shopped and is therefore false and her accusations are a set-up deal to injure the Trump administration, the press will give it a “never mind” and redirect their Trump hatred elsewhere. It’s what the hit-and-run press does.

There can be no doubt that anyone even slightly associated with President Trump is fair game for attacks by leftists, especially the press, and that goes double for Trump if anyone he knows personally gets into trouble; and you can bet that Trump will be blamed for it. This predilection of duty by the press to attack any conservative hard and often is not what the First Amendment to the constitution was all about. The constitution intended no press protection for NOT reporting news they don’t like nor for reporting only the news they think will benefit them politically. It was intended to protect the press when reporting news that impacts American citizens being abused by their own government, not to attack a president for frivolous reasons, which is what our liberal press does.

Members of the press celebrate and applaud giving sanctuary to people who are in this country illegally and who have committed serious crimes against American citizens, but they give no quarter to a president they detest, and who is undoing their hero Obama’s alleged legacy. Our anti-Trump and anti-Conservative liberal press acts only to undermine our nation and does nothing to protect and serve the welfare and benefit of American citizens.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Do you think any Dems will be prosecuted for dossier? If so, who? Will they pass away before justice is served? Think it will take that long? I’m Canadian just so fascinated with this! Sure wish we could get rid of Trudeau.

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