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NFL Appeases National Anthem Protesters With ‘Let’s Listen Together’ Program

It used to be that the conventional wisdom was that if you found yourself in a hole that one should stop digging, not ask for a bigger shovel.

Don’t try explaining that to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or any of the other suits at league headquarters who not only paid an $89 million bribe to the grievance mongers who protested the national anthem but have now further accommodated them with a new program.

When the league should be focusing on the Super Bowl and shoring up ratings after a season saturated in controversy, the geniuses at NFL HQ not only rejected a patriotic ad from a veterans group but also rolled out a brand-new program as a sop to the SJW’s who successfully hijacked the league for their own agenda this year.

Drumroll please……

Via USA Today “Let’s Listen Together: NFL campaign highlights players work for social justice, racial equality”:

With protest comes power. With action comes change.

After a season in which NFL players found themselves at the center of a national firestorm over their protests during the national anthem, they’re now reclaiming their narrative. Doing it with the help of NFL owners, no less.

On Tuesday, the NFL and Players Coalition announces “Let’s Listen Together,” a marketing campaign to highlight the work players have been doing on social justice reform and racial equality, and draw further attention to the problems that prompted the protests in the first place.

There will be videos showing the players educating themselves and others, giving real-life context to complicated and uncomfortable issues like biased policing. The first, debuting Thursday on the NFL Network, features Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins sitting down with Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, whose officers now undergo training in racial bias, social and emotional intelligence.

And there will be letters from players and owners such as Arthur Blank and Jeffrey Lurie, explaining what they’ve learned, why it’s important and what they hope to accomplish moving forward.

“As players, it was important for us not to just protest, but to have something backing it,” Patriots safety Devin McCourty told USA TODAY Sports. “Doing listen-and-learn tours. Doing different panels where we can bring people together and learn. It wasn’t just Sundays and that’s it.

“Now, for the owners to come into the locker rooms, hear the players and just say, `I’m interested in this, too. This bothers me and I want to help out,’ I think overall will have a huge impact.”

If you intend on watching this year’s Super Bowl (I’d rather have my fucking fingernails pulled out) then expect to be bludgeoned by house or ads all promoting the SJW mantra as this is clearly no longer the NFL that it used to be.

At this point, they should just change the league’s name to the SJWFL.

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