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Top Democrats Are Being Called Rapists And Slave Owners, By Top Democrats

Isn’t it the most amazing thing that Republicans and conservatives are repeatedly accused of being rapists, sexists and racists without proof, but it’s only liberal Democrats who are being called out – by their own party!

On November 4th, the Washington Post stated that in Donna Brazile’s new book she described her dealings with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, and in her opinion she was “being treated like a slave” by the Hillary people. Everyone is also aware that top Democrat liberal Harvey Weinstein is currently being investigated by the New York Police Department, the FBI and foreign investigative sources for rape and other sexual assault allegations?

Going back a little further in time, one recalls the old news of Bill Clinton and his perjury conviction for his nasty treatment of a young female White House intern and his rather large cash payment to Paula Jones for the way he treated her when he was Governor of Arkansas. Democrats, including the infamous Carlos Danger – AKA Anthony, Weiner and the waitress sandwich that Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd liked to create when they visited a Washington restaurant. These are all just a free-wheeling, fun-loving bunch of guys – except that in the real world people are hurt by the things Democrats are doing, both politically and personally.

In Donna Brazile’s new book, she is quoted as saying that she believed Hillary’s campaign “took minority constituents for granted”, which is exactly what Donald Trump said about the Democratic party numerous times during the 2016 presidential campaign: Democrats keep minorities poor and in need of welfare and other big-government handouts in order to get their votes so as to keep Democrats in power and doling out the goodies at tax-payer expense.

It’s great that Donna Brazile has exposed the unethical dealings of Crooked Hillary, but why was she silent about Hillary’s mal-dealings and misdealings before the election? It appears that she was silent in order to protect her appointed, political position at the DNC, hoping that Hillary would get elected and appoint her to a high-ranking position in the Hillary Clinton administration. But Hillary famously lost and now Ms. Brazile is finished with her and is ready to make some money at Hillary’s expense, which I’m liking a lot. Ms. Brazile remained silent while Hillary’s campaign fell apart, but kept specific notes in order to profit from a book deal after the election. Whether Hillary lost or won the election, Brazile stood to make some serious money; sort of sounds like the Democrat criticism of a capitalist/Republican doesn’t it? This just goes to show that liberal Democrats love money as well as Republicans, but they’ll stab each other in the back to get it.

If Ms. Brazile really cared so much about Democrat policies and about Hillary’s political future as the female savior of the world, she would have made internal changes to the DNC or resigned under protest for things she thought were hurting the future of all liberal Democrats. But she stayed on and hoped for a better tomorrow serving under a ruthless, cheating, lying, female leader of a Democratic party that is totally and completely coming apart at the seams.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. After both parties explode into a million bits, then it will be the Conservatives vs. Communists that are left to battle it out. Of course, the Communists will be squashed, because they cannot survive in a free society.

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