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With Liberal Democrats, It’s DeJa Vu All Over Again

Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers are examples of Democrats who just keep on providing entertainment for Republicans this Christmas/Thanksgiving season. After several weeks of unending criticism and verbal punishment being heaped on the Democrats for the sexual excesses of one of the Democrat party’s biggest contributors, Harvey Weinstein, and their own internal DNC officials, like Donna Brazile, exposing Hillary’s crooked ways of handling primary elections, and after the Democrat Minority Leader in the House praised the “transformative” nature of the Democrat “zero tolerance” initiative for sexual harassment, we finally gave them credit for realizing the error of their ways. And then BAM! Nancy Pelosi defends John Conyers, only the latest in a long line of such Democrat perverts, as an “icon” and insisting that he be left alone and remain in office.

Missing in Nancy’s defense of the old “coot”, as Geraldo Rivera called Conyers a week ago, was the old Carville/Begala defense of Bill Clinton which stated that we need to get our attention off of sex and back to the serious business of serving the American people, because, don’t you see, all of these charges, from Bill Clinton to John Conyers, are just and only about sex. And to top all of that off, Al Franken, although he has admitted to a string of sexually inappropriate actions, states that he will not resign and will continue to occupy his Senate seat, while he certainly will continue to grope the seats of various females he comes into contact with.

Talk about tone deaf fools and you’re talking about the modern Democrat Party. And all of this two-faced crap follows weeks of criticizing Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore for uncorroborated accusations from 30 years ago, while we know that thousands of dollars were paid to at least one female victim of Conyers, and the hush money came from public, taxpayer funds, not from Conyers’ own pocket. This is just all too rich.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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