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Democrat “Icon” Has A Short Life-Span

If Nancy Pelosi had any sense at all she would go back to California and enjoy her family’s vast wealth and remain out of the public eye as her mind goes to pieces. Just days ago she defended liberal Democrat Congressman John Conyers against accusations of sexual offenses, stating that he was a Democrat icon and must be left in ...

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With Liberal Democrats, It’s DeJa Vu All Over Again

Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers are examples of Democrats who just keep on providing entertainment for Republicans this Christmas/Thanksgiving season. After several weeks of unending criticism and verbal punishment being heaped on the Democrats for the sexual excesses of one of the Democrat party’s biggest contributors, Harvey Weinstein, and their own internal DNC officials, like Donna Brazile, exposing Hillary’s crooked ...

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For Democrat Congressmen, Geraldo Reopens The “It’s Just About Sex” Defense

Republican Congressman Bob Packwood was the accused party in a charge of sexually unwanted attention in 1995. The event was publicized by the liberal press as an unforgivable attack against women. But in 2017, sitting Democrat and darling liberal Congressman John Conyers received the old Carville/Begala/Clinton defense of “it’s just about sex, now let’s get back to the serious business ...

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