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Kaepernick confuses message with ‘unthanksgiving’ protest

NFL super-brat Colin Kaepernick further confused his anthem protest message by joining Native Americans at an “Unthanksgiving” protest Thursday.

Kaepernick made a surprise appearance at the annual gathering on Alcatraz island that remembers a group of Native American activists that took over the complex for just over a year-and-a-half beginning in 1969.


“Our fight is the same fight,” Kaepernick told the crowd, in a message he posted on Twitter. “We’re all fighting for our justice, for our freedom. And realizing that we are all in this fight together makes us all the more powerful.”

By saying that his cause was the same as the protesters, Kaepernick only further muddied the confused messages that have come from the NFL players who chose to disrespect the nation by kneeling during the National Anthem. Causes from police brutality to broad claims of inequality have surfaced as the supposed reasons for their protests. In stark contrast, Unthanksgiving day commemorates the survival of Native American peoples following the settlement of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. How Colin Kaepernick feels that his cop-hating temper tantrum is the same as theirs looks more like a desperate cry for friends and/or allies wherever the unwanted former quarterback can find them.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Oh don’t think the idiots care about logic or truth, that in might bother them that they don’t make any sense, Rich. The issue is never the issue. Remember? It ain’t about facts and truth and logical conclusions. It’s about REVOLUTION! Part of me hopes they get their revolution so that when it’s over they can have their JUST reward in the Gulags – or just a bullet in the back of the head – ala Stalin and Mousey Tongue style.

    BTW, Colin, if you are so deprived of Freedom how is it you are out in PUBLIC railing against a nation and people who cherish your freedom so much that you can freely protest against them with your PHONY, CRY-BABY grievances?

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