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To Democrats, Diversity Means They Want More Immigrants Who Hate America

The constant leftist, Democrat push for “diversity”, something that occurs naturally and plentifully in nature, must eventually be curtailed by a thinking nation. The Democrats’ precious, undefined “diversity” is being engineered and imposed on the nation using their own magical statistics to inform us when we have a sufficient mix and balance of “diversity”, assuming that their idea of balance will ever happen.

There is a natural, wide range of diversity even among people of the same sex, the same race and the same skin color. So with all of this diversity that naturally occurs and which is ignored by Democrats, we are now forced to assume that liberals harping on even more “diversity” means that they want a more, very selective, mode of diversity among immigrants which gives preference to those radicals entering the country who hate America and what it stands for. Given that Democrats want to import more people under the pro-immigration Diversity Visa program, the same program that invited last week’s New York City terrorist into the country, it would seem that they prefer admitting those who not only hate America but those who have sworn to kill Americans as well.

Liberal insistence on continuing leftist programs that are not just harmful but are also deadly is the classic definition of insanity: doing the same failed thing repeatedly and hoping for a different outcome each time. How else can one explain the liberal insistence on bringing in people from nations who have sworn they want to kill us and who will use their religion as the justification for doing so? A logical conclusion is that Democrats are insane.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Your characterization of the visa lottery program as “leftist” is incorrect — unless, of course, you believe that Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush were “leftist” Presidents. Perhaps you do; perhaps by current conservative standards they were.

    The program was created in 1987 with bipartisan support and expanded in 1991.

    If not for immigrant labor, President Trump would be forced to close his golfing clubs, hotels, and restaurants. But wait a minute! Would that be a bad thing?

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