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For Democrat Congressmen, Geraldo Reopens The “It’s Just About Sex” Defense

Republican Congressman Bob Packwood was the accused party in a charge of sexually unwanted attention in 1995. The event was publicized by the liberal press as an unforgivable attack against women. But in 2017, sitting Democrat and darling liberal Congressman John Conyers received the old Carville/Begala/Clinton defense of “it’s just about sex, now let’s get back to the serious business of serving the American people” as a way to dismiss the allegations. Being a Democrat must be a cool, fun thing to be.

On the Fox News Network on Saturday morning, Geraldo Rivera pushed the old liberal crap of sex offenses only being about playful, harmless sex when it relates to a Democrat congressman, but it’s the end of the world when a Republican is the accused party. I am anxiously awaiting the Democrat defense when the idiot Joe Biden, known as Handy Joe for his habit of having his hands all over whatever woman he’s near, declares his candidacy for president in 2020. One can bet that the press will have no record of Biden being “handy”, and he’ll be described as the only Democrat who can muster the “gravitas”, as the liberal press in Washington likes to describe Democrats, to beat Trump in the next presidential election.

It’s true that Conyers is just an old, harmless “coot”, as Geraldo offhandedly describes him, but harassment is harassment regardless of the age or the political party the accused is affiliated with, and one wonders if perhaps the word “coot” is a racially insulting word when uttered against a black Congressman, as Geraldo did on Saturday. I’m just asking a serious, solemn question in this racially-charged atmosphere of American politics.

But so was Bob Packwood an old coot in 1995, and that did not keep the Democrats and the liberal press from running him out of town with their own form of harassment based on the constitutional freedom of the press to selectively decide which stories they will go forward with, and which they will spike, for political reasons, of course.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. This ‘behavior dates back to the beginning of time doesn’t make it acceptable . Still there’s something about power that can bring out the worst of men and women and they claim it as an entitlement. Since more Republicans “get Caught” one can assume the Democrats have more practice and are simply better at it.

    Politics has always been a pig pen sport, The mud has just gotten deeper. Rather than stand out on their attributes, beliefs & knowledge of issues (or lack of) politicians have found it much easier to appeal to the salacious side of the public and sling mud and slime, letting it be the headline, rather than the facts and view of the issues. Guess they don’t realize some stick to them as well. ….

    I imagine this ugly behavior won’t change with discussion, and the pot will continue to call the kettle black, what I want to know is ABOUT THIS ‘SECRET’ SLUSH FUND OF TAX PAYER MONEY THAT IS MAKING PAY OFFS TO ALLEGED VICTIMS !!!!!

    And, Dave, Geraldo’s slate isn’t so clean either. His record includes the sexual misconduct, some violenceand remember those ‘items’ he smuggled from Iraq….but then he’s a Clinton Democrat.

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