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Washington Post Columnist Claims Trump is Killing Him

Now that liberals have had their cognitive abilities destroyed by Trump Derangement Syndrome, it is a legitimate question as to whether nearly eleven consecutive months of anger, paranoia and nightmare plagued sleep will lead to physical ailments.

Coming from one who has spent a lot of time trapped in America’s dystopian corporate gulag system I can tell you from experience that stress kills. I have seen many people cut down at a premature age by it and seen others turned into neurotic wrecks from trying to adapt to a system that is in itself abnormal to the point where sociopaths have the most upward mobility.

That is just work but liberals have to deal with their JOBS and the man who is running around in their heads like Freddy Krueger of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” horror franchise.

One of the first to admit to having actual health issues is the Washington Post’s smarmy columnist Dana Milbank, one of the paper’s most crazed Trump haters in a building that is overflowing with them.

Mr. Milbank spewed vitriol for months, losing his mind (and apparently his health) in the process. Things got so bad for ditzy Dana that he crossed what should be a red line for a man of the Jewish faith when he exploited the victims of the Holocaust to score points against then candidate Donald Trump.

It has apparently taken a toll according to Milbank who now claims that he has been experiencing real physical health problems as a result of Trump’s election.

The following are excerpts from Milbank’s column “President Trump is killing me. Really”:

President Trump is killing me.

No, really. He’s killing me.

I went for my annual physical last month, and, for the first time in my 49 years, I had to report that I’ve not been feeling well: fatigue, headaches, poor sleep, even some occasional chest pain. My doctor checked my blood pressure, which had always been normal before: alarmingly high!

What could this mean? I don’t smoke, I’m not obese and I swim most days. The doctor hooked me up to electrodes and ran an EKG; it was normal. He suggested I try an ultra-low-sodium diet, and I spent a few weeks living on unsalted rice cakes, undressed salads and unappealing entrees; the pressure dropped a few points, but not enough. We could pretty much rule out sleep apnea and other things that can cause a spike in blood pressure. My doctor had me take a calcium CT scan of my heart, which filled me with enough radiation to melt s’mores but turned up nothing terrible.

At this point, I arrived at a self-diagnosis: I was suffering from Trump Hypertensive Unexplained Disorder, or THUD. For almost five decades, I had been the picture of health, but eight months into Trump’s presidency, I was suddenly ailing. Trump is the only variable, I told my doctor. “He sure is variable,” my doc replied, endorsing the diagnosis.


I have a strong suspicion THUD is a widespread phenomenon. A dentist tells me orders have surged in the Washington area for night guards because more people are clenching and grinding their teeth in the Trump era. Psychotherapists tell me that they are unusually busy and that most clients are talking about Trump, who is exacerbating whatever neurosis, depression or other conditions they had. This is probably quantifiable, but I am too fatigued to do this work. My heart can only take so much.

Ever the wordsmith, Milbank goes on to make light of his problems (which may be a figment of his imagination) but his column really begs the very interesting question of how many liberals really ARE having serious issues with their health.

You can practically guarantee that depression, alcoholism, and drug abuse is way up after Hillary’s surprise loss – can suicides be far behind?

It would be a fascinating subject for a serious study.

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