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Trump’s Afghanistan Speech Proves He’s a True Commander In Chief

President Donald Trump address to the nation on 8-21-17Before a captive audience of military men and women in Fort Meyers, Va., President Donald Trump laid out his plan for Afghanistan and South Asia in which he vowed to fight to win. U.S. commanders have long planned for a possible shift in resources from Iraq to Afghanistan as the fight against Islamic State comes off its peak after gains made in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Using the right cadence and tone he showed that he is truly presidential and a very capable commander in chief.

Trump first referenced the recent events stemming from Charlottesville and said we must come together

“When one person is hurt, we all hurt,” he said. The president went on to say that to be truly American means we have to be loyal not only to our country but to one another. It was a truly unifying statement coming straight from the heart.

As he laid out with his plan for Afghanistan, Trump admitted that he was always against the war in Afghanistan, but after sitting behind the desk in the oval office you see things in a different perspective. Trump noted that the terrorists of 9/11 all stemmed from Afghanistan and that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists.

Trump told the men and women soldiers that he is lifting the rules of engagement that Obama instituted and we are there to kill terrorists. We will no longer use military might to nation build and construct democracies. W e will help the Afghan people, but it is up to them what kind of government they want and what rules they want. Trump’s aid he’s basing his policy on what he called “principled realism.”

Trump said the days of endless military spending is over and we will not be there in an unlimited capacity and this is not a blank check. He then stated firmly that other countries such as China, Pakistan, and India have to chip in and pay their fair share. While Trump refused to offer detailed troop numbers, senior White House officials said he had already authorized his defense secretary to deploy up to 3,900 more troops to Afghanistan.

Trump said the enemy must never know our plans or a timeline like Obama did which was a huge mistake as the enemy just lays there and waits until we pull out.

“I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will,” he said. Trump said he was leaving a lot up to the generals in charge and troops on the ground to make their own decisions. “The American people expect to see real reform and results,” Trump said.

Trump said he was leaving a lot up to the generals in charge and troops on the ground to make their own decisions.

“The American people expect to see real reform and results,” Trump said.

It was a straightforward speech that put Pakistan on notice and showed America and the world a different Trump, one that is in charge and very presidential.

After the speech, Brett Bair and Martha McCallum on Fox interviewed Senator Lindsey Graham. To my surprise, Graham did a 180-degree turn from his previous view of Trump and was inspired by the speech saying it was the right thing to say and do. Graham made a very bold statement to his fellow senators saying that “Any senator who votes against this policy then the next  9/11 is on your heads.” I was completely floored by this statement from Graham as he has been a constant critic of Trump and now backed him enthusiastically 100%. Welcome aboard the Trump Train Senator.

Later on Sean Hannity’s show, Sean interviewed Newt Gingrich who has a best seller out called   “Understanding Trump.” Newt said he thought this was the most decisive speech since Ronald Reagan and that Trump laid down rules he intends to enforce. The generals and troops will decide what actions to take now that Obama’s  rules of  engagement are lifted.

Trump truly showed he is Commander in Chief of all the people.

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