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Nearly 900 Children Under 12 Test Positive For HIV In Pakistani City

Nearly 900 children under 12 have tested positive for HIV in Ratodero, Pakistan. The outbreak, which has been going on since earlier this year, was traced back to one pediatrician whom health officials say was reusing syringes, according to the Times. “With competing priorities, HIV and AIDS is at the back seat of the government’s agenda,” UNAIDS Director of Pakistan ...

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Pakistan To Release Indian Pilot As Nuclear Powers Step Back From The Brink

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced he will release a captured Indian pilot, a move he is calling a “peace gesture” after the two nuclear powers engaged in their first aerial combat in nearly five decades. “De-escalation should not be understood as a sign of weakness,” Khan said Thursday, telling his country’s parliament that he will release the Indian pilot ...

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Footage Emerges of Indian Pilot Shot Down In Pakistan

By Luis Arellano The Pakistani military has confirmed that it shot down two Indian warplanes which violated its airspace as tensions rose between the two rivals — both armed with nuclear weapons. “PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace. One of the aircraft fell inside AJ&K while other fell inside IOK. One Indian pilot arrested by troops on ...

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Pakistan Finally Has a Peacenik Prime Minister and Neocons Now Seek to Sabotage US-Pakistan Relations As Momentum Grows Towards Afghan Peace Deal

The US and Pakistan have our differences and Pakistan isn’t without serious problems but Pakistan has an agent of change and a natural ally of Trump and the agenda of peace and noninterventionism. That doesn’t mean Imran Khan is a perfect leader who we all would agree with on the overwhelming majority of issues but on questions of war and ...

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Pakistan Works To Finish Border Fence Along Disputed Afghan Border

By Joseph Hammond While President Trump is having trouble adding a few miles of fence to America’s incomplete border with Mexico, Pakistan is busy building one of the world’s longest border fences. Climbing over some of the world’s toughest terrain, Pakistan’s border fence will stretch more 1,800-miles and ascend more than 12,000-feet above sea level. It will march over mountains, ...

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Pakistani Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal Against The Acquittal of Asia Bibi

9 years of hell and then some has finally ended for Asia Bibi today after the Pakistani Supreme Court upheld its October 2018 decision to overturn her death penalty conviction. Asia Bibi, a Christian mother from Punjab Province, was convicted in 2010 of blasphemy after she was accused, without evidence, of defaming the Prophet Mohammed during an argument with Muslim colleagues. ...

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Nikki Haley Confirms US Will Scrap $250 Million Aid To Pakistan

  by Will Racke The Trump administration will withhold $255 million in assistance to Pakistan because of its failure to do enough to fight terrorism, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley confirmed Tuesday. Speaking to reporters at U.N. headquarters, Haley said Pakistan has given safe haven to militants who attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan in an attempt to ...

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Pakistan holds emergency meeting after Trump tweet

Donald trump tweeting

The government of Pakistan held a high-level security meeting Tuesday in response to President Donald Trump‘s threat to end financial aid to the middle-east nation. “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools,” ...

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Refusal to Answer

The official Massachusetts State Police statement on the 5 men and 2 women arrested for trespassing near the largest man-made water reservoir in the U.S. just days after the Boston Marathon bombings is “no comment,” but that’s not the end of the story. Publicly, MSP cannot legally release the names or other information about the 7 individuals because they haven’t ...

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Nuclear deterrent cuts: wrong in the 90s, wrong today

The Left never ceases trying to make America weaker and less secure. Their biggest target right now is America’s nuclear deterrent – the country’s only defense against WMD attack, the only weapon system that has proven itself to always work, the only deterrent that has never failed and has kept America and its allies secure for 67 years (and counting), ...

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Questions Remain After 7 Arrested For Trespassing

Shortly after midnight on May 14, 2013, five men and two women, all of Middle Eastern decent, were arrested for trespassing within the boundaries of the Quabbin water reserve just outside Boston, Mass. The seven, who are from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Singapore, are recent chemical engineering grads and “cited their education and career interests” for being at the reserve, ...

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Rebuttal of the 6 most popular myths about nuclear weapons

As it continues to campaign for deep cuts in America’s defenses, the Left has particularly aimed its arrows at the US nuclear deterrent, which protect America and over 30 of its allies against the most catastrophic threats: a nuclear, chemical, or biological attack; a large-scale conventional attack; and nuclear proliferation. It is the most effective nonproliferation program ever enacted. It ...

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Valerie Jarrett Blocked Three Bin Laden Kill Raids

We’ve all seen the brilliance of Obama’s Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, in action.  She stated that unemployment stimulates the economy and the distribution of the related checks is good for the economy.  How far gone would you have to be to believe this drivel?  However, in the realm of foreign affairs, it’s more unbelievable.   According to the Daily Caller, Jarrett put the ...

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U.S. and Pakistan – We Need Them, but Do They Need Us?

While everyone has been running about talking about the Trayvon Martin case, SCOTUS on Obamacare, and the various endorsements for the Romney campaign, our leaders have been trying to haggle out a deal with Pakistan. Given a few problems last year – killing Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil, and the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers from a fire-fight with ...

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