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Pakistan Finally Has a Peacenik Prime Minister and Neocons Now Seek to Sabotage US-Pakistan Relations As Momentum Grows Towards Afghan Peace Deal

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry says that President Donald Trump seeks to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The US and Pakistan have our differences and Pakistan isn’t without serious problems but Pakistan has an agent of change and a natural ally of Trump and the agenda of peace and noninterventionism. That doesn’t mean Imran Khan is a perfect leader who we all would agree with on the overwhelming majority of issues but on questions of war and peace especially that is irrelevant.

For a long time in Pakistan, the governments and military have supported terrorist groups and use them to as means to fulfill agendas domestic and international, true conservatives were yelling about this fact, and saying the complicity in the terror support and the severe corruption, looting, and further worsening of life in Pakistan, we needed to stop. The Neocons and the Democrats all told us to shut up and accept everything hook line and sinker. Now as Pakistan has a Prime Minister who is an agent of change, and who wants to see peace in Afghanistan but has also really secured the peace in North Waziristan, and suddenly they want to hurt US-Pakistan relations.

Director of National Intelligence of the US and extreme neocon Dan Coats has said that Pakistan’s “narrow approach to counterterrorism cooperation-using some groups as policy tools and confronting only the militant groups that directly threaten Pakistan-almost certainly will frustrate US counterterrorism efforts against the Taliban.” He seems to think Pakistan is still in the days of the corrupt elites from the past where yes did support terrorism but under Imran Khan peace has returned to North Waziristan a former no go area tribal land along the Afghan border, it was one of the most dangerous places in the world. Now in the area, locals are doing business in a land not long ago was a bloody brutal battlefield and terrorist sanctuary. Roads shops modern facilities have now started to be built in the former war zone. It is not perfect there are problems which persist but the situation is improving dramatically and DNI Coats if he had any integrity he would welcome that fact, but the neocons want the Indian subcontinent to be in a constant state of war.


President Trump’s comments calling out the intelligence community have been a very welcome thing especially as momentum grows towards a peace deal in Afghanistan which will be beneficial for the entire region. The militaristic line about the war in Afghanistan is fortunately not a line taken by President Donald Trump, who instead wants a political solution to the war.

Imran Khan led the way in calling for talks with the Taliban so an end to the war can happen, he was attacked, he was ridiculed, he was smeared for the comments, but we are now, here in talks with the Taliban, which he has pushed for many years. Like it or not Pakistan has many keys towards the close of the war in Afghanistan, now we have someone governing who wants to use them for peace, are we going to be stupid enough and reject working with Imran Khan and worsening the relationship because Pakistan isn’t stable, and he made stupid comments in the past?

The political elites in Washington are out for blood they want to destroy the chances for peace, they want to sabotage the relationships between the different nations involved in the peace process, they have tried to block troop withdraws. President Trump, Prime Minister Khan, and Foreign Minister Qureshi need to drown out the noise from the swamp both in Washington and Islamabad and meet leader to leader to leader discuss the matter and go at a plan together for peace. Real politic is crucial for the cause of noninterventionism in the situation we are in.

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