Questions Remain After 7 Arrested For Trespassing

Shortly after midnight on May 14, 2013, five men and two women, all of Middle Eastern decent, were arrested for trespassing within the boundaries of the Quabbin water reserve just outside Boston, Mass. The seven, who are from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Singapore, are recent chemical engineering grads and “cited their education and career interests” for being at the reserve, according to local news reports. The seven individuals currently live in various Massachusetts towns including Amherst, Cambridge, Sunderland, and Northampton, and one of those arrested lives in New York City.

The Quabbin reserve is in Belchertown, Massachusetts and is one of two sources of the City of Boston’s drinking water. Authorities tested the Quabbin within days of the arrests and discovered no threats to the public’s water supply.

Police have increased patrols in the area as a precaution but say they have found no connection between the seven trespassers and any terror related activity.

Requests from the East Hampshire District Court where the seven will be summonsed for trespassing violations for the names and court dates were denied. A clerk said the cases were “confidential” and deferred all questions to the Massachusetts State Police.

Chief Legal Counsel for the MSP Michael Halpin, did not return phone calls and a Freedom of Information Act request has been sent.

There have been no public statements from the group nor from authorities to explain why 7 chemical engineers from 5 different towns in the Northeast converged on the same location at 12:30 AM on a Tuesday in May to learn about the country’s largest man-made water supply facilities.Arrest

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Refusal To Answer

A Criminal Matter

Mass State Police Unhappy With Clerk Decision

More Suspicious Activity

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  1. Well, EJ, this is certainly ‘breaking news’ in my part of the country. Seems even FOX missed it. I’m not a great believer in coincidences so am more angered than puzzled that the muzzle has been put on this ‘event’.

    Even a pea brain knows how vital water is, & a slightly mature pea knows that a great deal of concern has been expressed that these reservoirs provide a soft target for rapid massive damage.

    Obviously, we weren’t meant to ‘discover’ the event Now that we do know about it, are we to believe that these 7 experts in chemical engineering were just looking for peace & quite to discuss a new ‘secret sauce or diet cola formula?

    It appears the this part of the Country is rapidly becoming a nurturing bed for those ‘foreign interest’ bent on destroying us. We know that it is the center for liberalism or is this a ‘coincidence’ as well??

    Thanks & please keep us posted on developments

    1. It is simple: one question = Are you Muslim? If the answer is yes it should be followed by deportation and/or prosecution for aggravated attempted terrorism! Peiod! POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS KILLING US!!!!

  2. Robin, How nice of you to check for spelling instead of content. Spelling isn’t my long suit, guess I’m more of a thinker. thanks

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