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NBC’s Chuck Todd Gave Forum to ANTIFA Advocate to Promote Violence

Now that the White House position to have the violent extremists of ANTIFA declared as a terrorist group has already surpassed the required number of signatures, the media continues to work hard to put lipstick on this particular fascist pig.

One day after CNN ran a fawning story about ANTIFA activists with an Orwellian headline that the group wants peace through violence which has since been changed, NBC’s Chuck Todd hosted a sit down with a leftist Dartmouth University professor who was given a nationally televised forum to justify the group’s terroristic tactics.

During Sunday’s edition of Press the Meat Meet the Press, Todd allowed a guy named Mark Bray to make his case of why the use of violence is an acceptable political response to losing an election.

While NBC tried to offer a balance to Bray by allowing Southern Poverty Law Center representative Richard Cohen sit in as a counterpart, it was just a sleazy trick to normalize the domestic terrorism of ANTIFA and was nothing other than a stunt.

ANTIFA should not be allowed ANY legitimate media presence, to do otherwise is irresponsible and only serves to condone violence which both NBC and Chuck Todd did by allowing this maniac to get up on his soapbox.

The conservative media watchdog Media Research Center is blasting both Todd as well as his network over even allowing a loathsome character like Bray to speak and calling for decent Americans to express their extreme displeasure with this decision by NBC that is effectively helping to mainstream hatred and promote violence.

If the White House honors the petition and officially declares ANTIFA to be a terrorist organization, then wouldn’t NBC and CNN be its propaganda arms?

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Donn Marten

Donn Marten is a fearless truth teller who calls it like he sees it despite the prevailing establishment narrative. The opinions expressed belong solely to this author and not do not necessarily reflect those of CDN itself.

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  1. If you believe that everyone has a price, then you must believe Chuckie Todd’s has been met. His days at GW’s press conference were a clear indication of his ‘intent’ to stand out by disrupting. His insecurities override any sense of obligation to the country or anyone other than self. I seriously doubt that he actually knows ‘what’ he’s talking about beyond the mere surface and is void of commitment to anything…available to the highest bidder!….journalism is not a word he knows, nor is truth

  2. The left wing media along with the democrats are moving us closer to civil unrest and simply pulling out another of their play book moves again and blaming Trump and the conservative right. At some point conservatives will get fed up and all hell will break out if this continues. Whatever happened to reason and compromise?

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