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Just Do It, Mr. President

During the 2016 presidential election campaign, Donald Trump said that announcing military actions in detail and in advance, which Obama loved to do, would stop when he became president. Whether ISIS or an enemy tribe in Afghanistan, Barack Obama loved to announce to the American public and the enemy when and where he would attack and with what force he do it. President Trump wisely just hits the enemy without telling them it is coming.

So why then would Attorney General Jeff Sessions not use the same policy against the Trump administration’s domestic political and policy enemies in the D.C. swamp?

Last weekend Jeff Session announced that any more leaks from Trump’s enemies in the White House or the State Department or any other entity performing a leak of classified or privileged information would be punished to the full extent of the law. Duh! Do those criminals really need a heads-up that there could be some adverse actions taken against them for leaking? If an otherwise upstanding American citizen exceeds the speed limit they get a ticket, not a warning that such an action will be punished if it’s done a week from now. This is absurd!

But for some reason the higher on the food chain a crime is committed the less punishment the criminal can expect, and that’s why the leaks have continued: there has been no punishment for these evil-doers whose leaks could get Americans killed or undermine international relations. Why aren’t these leakers immediately discovered, arrested and put on trial? And is it legally necessary that they be told of possible imprisonment a week before the government can take action on their illegal acts?

And why is Hillary not in jail already? Former FBI Director James Comey has already provided the nation with a list of the crimes the FBI has already investigated and knows Hillary committed with her email problems, so why hasn’t the Justice Department not formed a Grand Jury and prepared the case and sought a prison sentence against Hillary? After all, it was the Obama administration that investigated her, so political partisanship is out of the question. And why has former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch not been investigated for meeting with Bill Clinton and discussing the Hillary investigation? And what about Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her crimes related to the Pakistani national she was so cozy with? And what about Lois Lerner, who was the IRS official who crushed Republican plans to campaign against Obama in past presidential elections? These are all Democrat criminals who have broken the law and are being allowed to skate free, while at the same time Donald Trump is being investigated for who-the-hell-knows-what-crime (but we do know it’s not for anything related to the lie of Russian collusion) by Robert Mueller?

The Trump administration itself appointed a Special Council to investigate the president where no known illegality exists, but they will not investigate their sworn enemies who would do anything, tell any lie and commit any illegal act to get rid of Trump and his family.

My advice to President Trump and Attorney General Sessions: Don’t announce legal actions against leakers and other crooks and enemies of your administration: JUST FREAKING DO IT!!!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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