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Is North Korea The Mouse That Roared, or Is Kim Jong Un Just Nuts?

Whether Kim Jong-un wants more foreign aid and stuff from America or he’s just plain gone nuts from being an unquestioned and total dictator since he was 27 years old remains to be seen. He has made threats against Guam, Hawaii and the mainland U.S. and therefore cannot be ignored. President Donald Trump is handling him correctly because to not take Kim’s word that he can and will deliver destruction and death to America would be foolishness.

North Korea has launched actual missiles, not just braggadocios talk about being a threat, while President Trump has only offered words in retaliation to Kim’s aggressive actions. Of course the, liberal lying press is placing the blame for our current problems not with the North Korean dictatorship but with Trump, and they are making Trump the heavy while Kim skates.

Should our president wait until a live and armed missile is launched and kills Americans before he acts? That was what Trump’s predecessors in the Oval Office did. How many Americans need to be killed before the press thinks the president should take action?

Fortunately, President Trump is above worrying about what American liberals and Democrats say about his actions and his words. He’s taking appropriate action to guard against a rogue state causing destruction and death, and that’s why he was elected to the White House.

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One thing is certain, Kim will not be able to say he was not warned of the consequences he will receive from Trump if he performs some violent act that threatens America, South Korea or Japan. President Trump has laid it out plain and simple and in no uncertain words that dangerous territory is being trod upon and it had better stop.

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  1. Darned if I don’t think that John is on the right track! I wouldn’t rule out the Iranian influence and support either. As to China, I believe they ‘know’ the US is right, but the weight of their ‘financial’ bottom line still out weighs other action. They know their borders will be flooded with refugees from NOKO creating a strain on resources that offset the trade money. Right now they are in the proverbial rock and a hard place’ The fact that they have ‘sorta kinda’ put some trade restriction to start Sep 1, indicates they know it full well. It’s down to the save face or save their country….Let’s pray they make the right choice.

  2. I think North Korea’s leaders are doing EXACTLY what China’s leaders want them to do.

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